Top Ten Films of 2012

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  1. Post your personal Top Ten Films that were released in 2012.

    (In No Particular Order)

    1) Django Unchained
    2) Cabin In The Woods
    3) Looper
    4) The Avengers
    5) Paranorman
    6) Moonrise Kingdom
    7) Argo
    8) Silver Linings Playbook
    9) Safety Not Guaranteed
    10) Wreck-It-Ralph

    Honorable Mentions:
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Indie Game: The Movie
    The Raid: Redemption
  2. The Avengers
    21 Jump Street
    The Hunger Games
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Life of Pi
    The Cabin In The Woods
    Can't think of a 10th one.
  3. Avenger's had a bad plot.
    Project X should be in it though.
  4. Lincoln? hello motherfuckers
  5. Django, and we are in agreement. that 7 psychopaths looked dope too, but havent seen it yet.
  6. Taken 2 has to be there somewhere, really great movie.
  7. :dawg: top 10 of the year? No, sorry, i disagree.
  8. I thought it was pretty exciting, plus the daughter would get it :okay:
  9. Not trying to hate that bad, it can be in your top 10, but to me it was okay, definitely nothing special.

    I would put Argo up there as well as a lot of randoms. Really, i dont even watch the animated pictures, some of which im sure belong up in the top also.
  10. Project X was terrible. I wouldn't have it anywhere near my top ten. Also as Johnson said, 7 Psychopaths would be in my top 10, along with Jump Street. Completely forgot to add those.
  11. You thought it was terrible? I thought it was really well put together and funny as hell. No where near top 10, but it is just another "grandma's boy" as far as the critics go.
  12. The only movies I've seen last year were The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, ted, and Looper (in that order). I'm not a movie buff, and last year was by far the most movies I've ever seen in a year. It's actually rare that I see a film in the year it was released. I don't know how I'd rank them, so I guess I'll just give my quick thoughts.

    The Avengers dragged on a lot but had a rather epic conclusion with the fight in New York. I loved the ending of the film but the first two acts weren't poor either, they just were filled with scenes that really dragged on. Loved what they did with Hulk too, definitely stole the movie.

    The Amazing Spider-man was really good, and my favorite out of the Spider-man movies (granted, not impressive since I've seen one and three-fourths). My main problem with the film would be they totally botched the villain aspect. They failed with Lizard and I think with better focus they could've succeeded but the other aspects were really entertaining so it's not the biggest problem. Also, the Uncle Ben ending voice mail was too hammy and there's no way anyone would logically leave that message, especially when it was left.

    I expressed my thoughts on DKR's here and have no will to do so again. ted was next and I enjoyed it. Why? Well, there is nothing wrong with a stupid fun, turn your own brain off type of entertainment every now and then. If I was ranking them, it'd probably go last because I don't prefer these types of films, but I have no problem indulging in one on occasion. I will say that a lot of jokes really did fail, but there was enough that got a laugh out of me that it was worth watching.

    Finally Looper . . . was a disappointment. Mostly because I was expecting a different movie. The best way I can explain it, was the the commercials lead me to believe it would be akin to Death Note. Intelligent in the fact of how it's a battle of wit between two people using smart plans and counter-plans with the twist being that it's younger him versus older more experienced him. So pretty much, what we got in the diner scene, but for much longer than that one scene. And while the diner scene was my favorite, that doesn't mean the rest was bad. I have my problems with what we did get, but I still enjoyed it all right. It had plenty positives in it's own right, like the biggest for me had to be the acting. The kid who did Cid was surprisingly good. I also loved mostly everything about the ending, I had small problems with it but nothing that can't be considered as unnecessary nitpicking. And they worked in time travel pretty much perfectly.
  13. Project X was awesome.
  14. Project X consisted of shock humor and a lack of humanity in the characters. The cast was completely unlikable and seemed to be coasting on the fact that teenagers will go see a movie about a party. It's attempting to emulate The Hangover and Superbad but failing to do so on every level. I didn't laugh once through out the entire movie. Does it seem like people would enjoy being at a party like this? Sure, because it looked like a crazy time. Does the fact that you want to go to a party like that make it a good movie? Absolutely not.
  15. I don't watch movies :downer:
  16. The Dark Knight Rises
    The Avengers
    The Hobbit
    Django Unchained
    The Dictator
    The Hunger Games
  17. havnt seen django unchained whats it about exactly
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