Top TNA Star to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. :vince:
  2. He would definitely prosper in the WWE, I hope this one goes ahead.
  3. Please no. WWE cant use him.
  4. Ha-ha, we don't know that. :smug:
  5. Well we know. WWE cant make him have matches like he has in TNA.
  6. I don't mean to sounds like an ass but why can't they?
  7. When you compare TNA ring in and WWE ring in, we can see that TNA is better. They cant use Joe with his %100 potential. Even they dont use Bryan %100.
  8. Did you watch Daniel Bryan Vs. CM Punk at Extreme rules? That match was freaking' insane. One of the best matches I, and many others have seen In a long time. I believe Samoa Joe would flourish in the WWE IMO.
  9. Urm, source?
  10. WWE 's inner circle.
  11. What the fuck is that?
  12. - Because he’s currently signed to TNA, there is quiet talk within one WWE inner circle about trying to bring Samoa Joe in. :troll:
  13. Yes. Watched all their matches in WWE, but still not in the same level as ROH's Punk vs Bryan matches.
  14. LOL! If you search "WWE Inner Circle" we're the third result.
  15. When I say source, I say where did you get that from, lol. Unless you're apart of this mysterious inner circle then this is just pure "trolling".
  16. I know what you mean Crayo. It's on various sites though.
    Search "WWE Inner Circle"
  17. Yay 3rd result. But yeah I see it now. You could just put any source, any link to a "news" site posting this, it just stops people thinking you've made this up on the spot.
  18. Alright slut.
  19. They could use some fresh meat.
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