Top Twenty Predictions For Life 100 Years From Now

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    Some pretty scary predictions - if they were ever able to achieve human immortality then that would be astounding.
  2. Being immortal? Fuck that imo, people need to die. I know it sounds harsh but there has to be a time when it's not a human life but a machine taking over.
  3. I don't like to think about some of that stuff. Technology advancement is great and all, but all of us wired to a computer to compete with other organic/synthetic hybrid humans? That's quite dangerous.
  4. Fuck Gay people. I know the gay people are not wrong but I just hate how they brought in this view of being gay and our spreading a movement. In like Maryland and in a kindergarten class they read a book called the two kings and it was about gay shit I got so pissed.
  5. Totally agree, these things are not going to help the world at all, plus if everyone was immortal there would be ridiculous overcrowding.
  6. Scary shit. I really don't feel like all of that. Computer attached to my brain? Fuck that..
  7. :facepalm:
  8. Gay people are here, deal with it. They are how they are, that's just the beauty about human life and the creatures on this world. Everyone does their thing and has their own life. If we would all be the same, what is there to do? There's nothing wrong with being yourself, as long as you are truly honest with yourself you will be fine. Everyone will. In what they do, are, will do or will be.
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  9. QFT. A great post Mr Jose.
  10. Thanks, bro!:boss:

  11. Top post Jose L+R

    Being homophobic(I'm not suggesting thewindyfan is whatsoever, just whilst we're on this topic) is just as bad a racism IMO. I don't see what's different from not accepting somebody because of their skin colour to not accepting somebody because of their sexual orientation.
  12. True true, they may be OD'ing on some things, but then again, they do what they like. When I feel like wearing a pink T-shirt to work in, am I bad for doing that? No. When a gay guy wears a pink T-shirt to his work or somewhere else, there are allways people saying: 'Damn, he really showing he's gay, damn!' Just a little difference in another human being makes people talk trash about the other.
  13. I can't think to what we have in a 100 years from now! But if I half to think of something Robot could be in are FUTURE!

  14. It's funny you should mention how gay people have made a movement. Stanford University had conducted a study on male testosterone levels over the last 30 years. Unsurprisingly enough, they have seen quite a dramatic decline. Male infertility has also increased.

    What does this mean? Men have less semen, less sex drive, less hair, less muscles, and a less assertive attitude; basically everything that makes men what they are. I myself blame gay people, assertive women, and a growing social acceptance of these concepts. I'm not saying these people are wrong or don't have a right to live how they want, I just don't think it is natural. I think all the proof I need is the genetic defects of male reproductive organs in recent years that don't allow them to have children naturally.
  15. "2. We will have the ability to communicate through thought transmission (Dev 2)"

    So awesome.

    *Wakes up*
    *Sends thought signal to mum*
    *"Yes Crayo?"*
    *Toast. Now*

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  16. lol'd + L :laugh:
  17. In 100 years from now creative at WWE will have been replaced by monkeys and we'll get good storylines!

    Also I hope ppl will be a lot more tolerant as a society all though I doubt it but it would be a nice thing to see.

    Also work will be deemed pointless as via a inspired government initiative everyone will always have the money they need and require for everything to live a good and healthy life.
  18. Intolerance is what makes the world go 'round. Along with money. Why would you want tolerance??? Think about how much free time the government would have on their hands to focus on real issues if they weren't swamped with mass social drama! [/sarcasm]

  19. I dunno just a nice thought that one day we'd all get on despite religion, race, colour, sex, sexuality, class I deal with loads of it everyday and it grates tbh.

    However yeah what would the government do I imagine it'd become more a nanny state than we already are where every little thing we did was monitored and watched overtly.
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    For some reason Imagine came into my mind when reading this.

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