News Top WWE Star Rumored to Leave WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nero_x3, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. According to some recent reports, Alberto Del Rio plans on leaving WWE once his contract expires. In Del Rio's mind, he feels as if his character is going nowhere. Although the date of his contract expiration is unknown, the match at EC will more than likely happen. Del Rio probably wouldn't be affected in terms of money.

  2. He's right, his character is stuck In The mud and has no traction whatsoever. Perhaps in a couple of years he can come back with a fresh angle.
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  3. Damn WWE, What's happening to your talent?
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    WWE and TNA are losing talent almost as fast as Kobe Bryant in a hotel room in Denver, Colorado
  5. Why, it's major news Del Rio is a major player for the WWE he draws people in Mexico

    2 time World Champion
    2 time WWE Champion
    Royal Rumble Winner
    Money in the bank winner

    He's won everything important
  6. Have you guys read the rules, no blasting guys, if you don't like the guy tell him in a PM not on a post that actually does mean something, rather than do what he does to you.
  7. Don't worry, I'm already talking to Shadow about it.
  8. :yes:

    Del Rio always felt like he was being pushed due to backstage reasons. He's always been the guy who wanted the main event spot for this reason, because he's a huge star in Mexico and has a fallback. He never really got over and whatever feuds he's in is a black hole of interest, so the product's probably better off without him. Hope he has a great time and a lot of success in Mexico!
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  9. Although he was stale as a character, you can't say that he didn't put on great matches, because Del Rio has put on many great matches in the past with most opponents.
  10. I always loved Del Rio, the only problem was that they over pushed him in a cheap JBL gimmick that was stale before he even started. His ring work was always engrossing, even if he was boring in other aspects. If he leaves, I hope he comes back fresher one day. Viva Del Rio, that's what I say.
  11. You're right, he was money in the ring.
  12. I wish he could get over just once. His matches are great, and he truly works hard. At least he isn't in it just for the money, saw his character isn't going anywhere, and is thinking about leaving. I will miss him, idk about anybody else here.
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  13. I have no problem with Del Rio leaving. I like the guy to be honest, not gonna lie. But as of right now, with no brand split plus the merging of the two major titles, it's a clusterfuck. I'm glad Punk walked out and ADR leaving will just leave more room for others.

    Really, BRAND SPLIT pls.
  15. Damn I hope not, I think Del Rio is good.
  16. Obviously he's been overpushed but Del Rio doesn't have bad matches, especially at PPVs. I like him.
  17. No big loss. Top-notch performer in the ring, but he hardly ever drew any interest out of me in anything he did. Ricardo Rodriguez was the only reason he ever got a reaction in the first place.
  18. Would miss his in ring ability but we have plenty of stars to step up and replace him. I can understand his reasoning and if he goes it's a shame but no surprise as he just can't get over. Every time he comes out no one seems to care. Maybe if he had teamed with Heyman instead if Axel it could've happened but for now it might be in his best interests. As with people like Reigns, Cesaro, Cody all looking to break into that ME scene he will just get lost in the shuffle and become a solid midcard-upper mid.
  19. He has had good matches no doubt, and some funny times during his mic work, but overall his character has just been boring. If he were to leave, I wouldn't even really notice. Sucks that he is someone who's talented in the ring, but has a horrible character, but it's just the way it is.
  20. Good ridence he is boring, stale and isnt that good
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