Top WWE Storyline In Trouble

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. I noticed the lack of heat on TV.
  2. Give them promo time rather than useless matches.
  3. I think they're starting to get a bit repetitive, I love the gimmick but it seems like they're talking waaay too long about one single thing (immigration).
  4. They're not taking it far enough, in my opinion. I honestly think a lot of people actually sympathize with what Coulter is saying about illegal immigration and that's part of the reason they're not getting heat for it. But they need to go deeper with it and also tackle other issues rampant in society that they could get heat for in some way. If Zeb tried to be more than a 'racist' and just a ultra-Conservative in general, it would be better. It probably also doesn't help the angle that Swagger just stands there saying little to nothing and the crowds don't really seem to care for him anyway. The angle would have been better off with someone other than Swagger in the role, in my view.