Tornado tag team title matches

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Tag team division is not what it used to be and i think wwe should and hopefully by recruiting teams from elsewhere have title matches under the tornado tag style.Would make things a whole lot more interesting.
  2. Haven't seen one of those in a while.
  3. Yeah, Tornado Tag matches are nice to watch. But since we not only get regular tag matches every time, they always follow the same old script of heels isolating one guy throughout the entire match building towards the hot tag. Since they can't even write a new script for normal tag matches I don't have much hope to watch Texas Tornado ones.
  4. I remember that they did a fourway tag match at Over The Limit I think, Where Abraham Washington teamed with PTP, the other teams were Kidd and Gabriel, Primo and Epico and the Usos. It was a real good match and I believe that tornado matches could work with the current division if it was given enough focus (One match and a backstager on each RAW and Smackdown is in theory enough) so that all the teams have a chance to get over. And with WWE seemingly interested in more indy talent and with the tag teams down in NXT (Wyatt Family, Ohno and Kruger and Dallas and McGillicutty) I think we can get a tag team resurgence once they find the next top guy.
  5. That tag match was great i remember kidd done a top rope Hurricanrana to someone to the outside where the rest were fighting. If you have the right guys then they can feed off each other and make it interesting throughout.
  6. It was Primo who ate the Hurricanrana if my memory is correct. And yeah, with the right guys in it you can work magic. I see PAC/Adrian Neville as a big part of the tag division in the future. I'd call him up now and place him with Gabriel if needed.
  7. It would be great to see them back, a lot more interesting than the same shit we see in every normal Tag match nowadays.
  8. That would be a good combination and it would give Gabriel something to do.
  9. They are of similar size and with very similar movesets without ripping each other off so they would really compliment each other well. The only question I have is who would do the talking since Tyson did that the few times you heard them speak and I haven't heard Neville speak at all.
  10. They would need a manager whats AW up to these days:otunga:
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