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Toronto Bidoofs
Beavie Beavie

Record: 1-1
Position: TBD
Differential: +2
Showdown Name: TheBeavie

General Manager: Ryan B. Doofinbaker

Coach: Paul Shaymin




Species: Landorus-Therian

Max Landorus AKA: The Swiss-Army Knife
Ratio: 0-2/ -2

Species: Jirachi

Sleepy AKA: Flinch Master General
Ratio: 1-1/ Even


Crimson AKA: TM06 Personified
Ratio: 0-0/ Even

Species: Mega-Altaria

Fluffy AKA: Our Queen
Ratio: 1-1/ Even

Species: Volcanion

Cinnabar AKA: Better have Burn Heal
Ratio: 2-1/ +1

Species: Rotom-Wash

Nickname: Omega AKA: The Cleaner
0-1/ -1

Species: Umbreon

Void AKA: The Crazy One
Ratio: 1-0/ +1


Ron Burgandy AKA: The Anchorman
Ratio: 0-0/ Even


John Cena AKA: The Champ
Ratio: 3-1/ +2

Species: Sneasel

Alice Winters AKA: The Spy
Ratio: 0-0/ Even


Moon AKA: The Black Wizard/Witch
Ratio: 1-1/ Even


Double Take AKA: The Agent
Ratio: 0-0/ Even


Week 1:

Ever Grande Eevees MildlyUpsetGerbil MildlyUpsetGerbil
4-0 Bidoofs
Replay: gen7ou replay: TheBeavie vs. MildlyUpsetGerbil - Pokémon Showdown

Week 2:

Goldenrod City
Growlithes Nickelodeon Nickelodeon
Result: 2-0
Replay: gen7ou replay: TheBeavie vs. ndib14 - Pokémon Showdown

Week 3:

San Diego Pikachus Swift Swift

Week 4:

Valley View
Victinis @Solidus

Week 5:

Infernapes @Sanic

Week 6:

Harlem Magikarps @theoneandonlyceko

Week 7:

Lavender Town Phantoms @OniBlackDog

Week 8:

Perrysburg Persians Solid Snake Solid Snake

Week 9:

Friend Stealers
Nagasaki Ninetails @Jacob Fox

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LDW Management
The Announcement

Before the historic draft of the second season of the Pokemon Showdown League, we are brought to a Press Conference from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The stage is set up much similar to the picture expect everything is branded with the logo of the Toronto Bidoofs, and advertisements for Celedon Market and the Battle Royale Dome. Eventually, getting up to the stage is a Bidoof. He has a white Baseball Jersey on with "Bidoofs" written on it in blue and the team logo. On his head is a ball cap with similar branding. He sits down and the normal type Pokemon speaks to a press-gallery.

"Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here today on behalf of the Toronto Bidoofs organization in great anticipation for our first season. The draft is approaching soon and our organization hopes to make a major cut through the competition in our first year. We wish to be known as a team with strength in their team and fanbase, make a (rock) smashing debut and (rock) climb our way to the top. I'm Ryan B. Doofinbaker and I'm your General Manager of the Toronto Bidoofs. Before I introduce our head coach, would anyone like to ask questions?"

He looks and picks out a question from a reporter. A Sylveon (it's a girl).

"Sally S. Sylveon from the Lumiose Station News. Mr. Doofinbaker, what brought you to the general manager position?"

"Great question! I myself have always been a fan of battling. It's exhilarating and I've been known to be a quick learner as a battler. base stat totals aren't the best, even when evolved, so I've been a coach in the OU scene for a while now, since early Gen 6. I fully admit I'm not perfect, and I have room to grow, but I'm the type of guy who can be a leader. Well, that...and the HM industry has taken a major hit since they introduced PokeRides..."

The Bidoof makes a side-comment...

"Freaking Charizard gets two mega evolutions and takes Pidgey's job..."

"I-I'm sorry?"

"Oh...sorry Miss. Sylveon. A little flustered on the first day of the job. Thank you very much. Next question?"

He points towards the next Pokemon, a Dragonite.


"Noodles Dragonite here from the Blackthorn Times, why did you choose to have Toronto as your home?"

"I mean, I'm Canadian myself, I a proud Sinnoh-Canadian at heart, and Toronto's the biggest city in Canada. Not to mention it's a sport's city. I know if I would have picked Unova, or Kanto, or Johto there would already be a demand, but I feel as though this city has a hunger for sport, so why not Pokemon Battling? Thanks for the question, Noodles. Any other questions? No? Okay!"

The Bidoof adjusts his hat and stands up.

"Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I would like to introduce the head coach to the Toronto Bidoofs, you all know him. He's one of the best advocates around...Our head coach is..."

Cutting him off is the sound of the door banging as it is swung open and the Pokemon walking out is a Shaymin with a tie. He struts to the stage and stands next to Ryan Doofinbaker and speaks with a booming voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Shaymin! And I am your coach of the debuting, hotly touted, soon to be conquering, reigning, eventually defending, Pokemon Showdown League champions of the world, the Toronto Bidoofs!"

"Jeez...thanks Paul..."

The two sit down and the reporter Pokemon begin to ask questions again, with the first Pokemon they point to being a Buneary. She speaks.

"Bonnie Buneary from Jublife TV, Doofinbaker, was it an easy choice to pick Paul Shaymin?"

"Honestly, it wasn't easy. I could have gone with Vickie Gyrados, but she has too much in her budget for a water tank, Jimmy Exploud was, well, deafening, and we would have when with Cherry Chrubi, but..."

"But..." Shaymin interrupts. "None of them brought my expertise to the table. I have lead beasts, mythicals, legendaries, I myself am a mythical Pokemon, and I'm worth every single penny."

Sighs "Next question?"

He looks towards the sea of Pokemon and points out, near the front, a Squirtle and Bulbasuar. The Bulbasaur has a deep voice, and the Squirtle sounds rather British for some reason...

"Hi, I'm Bulbasuar."

"And I'm Squirtle."

"And we're from Pokemon..."

"What the f*** happened to the room!?"

"Squirtle! I told you! We're not on our show's set! We're in Toronto! Michael is on vacation here, so he took us with hi-I mean...we're here to ask a question to the coach and GM of the battling team, the Toronto Bidoofs..."

The Bulbasaur looks towards his partner and the water starter is confused.

"Oh yeah...wait!? Toronto!? What region is it in?!"

"Canada...Ontario to be exact?!"

"Is this Gen eight already!?"

The grass/poison type shakes his head.

"I told you...Oh never mind! We're from Pokemon Tak, and we have a very special question for Paul Shaymin."

"Shoot away."

"Paul, you yourself are well verse in being a coach, manager, and advocate, even one-time running Extreme Championship Pokemon, why aren't you in a GM role?"

"Very good question, you see, I'm done with my days of being at the head office. I had a good run, but I was more of a miracle man leading the team and building stars. So, I'm here, putting faith in Doofinbaker, someone I feel I can work well with."

"And a follow-up, was your greatest accomplishment?"

"Easy, when my client, BROCK Incineroar, CONQUERED Giratina's undefeated streak at Pokémania. He did the unthinkable, he brought the all mighty leader of the Distortion world's HP down to zero and beat him to a shocked crowd in the Super Potion Dome."


The Squirtle interrupts.

"Didn't he have the type advantage?"

"What...?" The Shaymin looks on, annoyed.

"I mean, we all know Giratina is a legendary and is in Ubers, but Incineroar is a dark type, one Darkest Lariat would do the trick with a choice band. If it was done on a pokemon like Machoke or Sylveon, he probably would have got beaten..."

"E-Excuse me?"

"AND not to mention it was a Battle Royale and Rey Hawlucha Jr fainted him next turn with a High Jump while it was impressive...I..."

The Bulbasuar yells at his partner.

"Squirtle! What are you doing!?"

The Shaymin gets on the table and gets ready to attack.

"What did you say about my client...!?"

"I was just pointing out something factually incorrect during your..."

Before the Squirtle can say anything he'll regret, the general manager steps in between.

"Paul...what did I tell you? No using Seed Flare..."

Doofinbaker turns to the talk show hosts.

"Thank you for your time...Nothing to see here. Before this interview goe any further south, we have a draft to prepare for. Thank you, everyone, for coming out, and hope we have a great season!"

The Bidoof grabs Paul by the collar and pulls him to the side as reporters start to leave and the footage ends.
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LDW Management
Added the new team in the spot of the one it replaced, assuming the schedule is the same, also will be adding my Showdown name.

And who knows? Maybe I'll find the time and inspiration to get a little skit made?


LDW Management
Before the First Battle:

Just 24 hours before the Toronto Bidoofs are set to face against the Ever Grande Eevees, the general manager of the team, Ryan B. Doofinbaker, is sitting in his office. The look is rather quaint, with the snow-covered Toronto skyline in the background through a back window and the Bidoof has a mahogany desk with a couple of teeth marks on it. The rug of the office is a nice blue, baring the club's logo, and the Bidoof in charge is sitting in his chair with his laptop in front of him. The Bidoof places his paw on the mouse and does a few clicks before putting his paw on his chin. On his screen is a game of Minecraft and his character, wearing a Bidoof skin, is building pixel art. Multiple Pokemon are there, including the members of the team, curiously a Sylveon, and of course, in front of his character, a Bidoof. Doofinbaker nods with approval, and he hears a voice under his desk.

"My eyes don't look right!"

Ryan jumps from his chair and looks down to see, poking his head out, the shiny Umbreon that Paul Shaymin drafted. His eye twitches and he looks towards the general manager and the Bidoof looks towards the pixelart and the Umbreon.

"Oh're shiny..." And as he says that, it dawns on him what should really be the topic of discussion right now. "Wait, how in Helix's name you got in here?!"

The Bidoof glares at the crazed dark type and the Umbreon, without breaking its gaze, says. "I live here"

"You WHAT!?" Doofinbaker yells. "For how long!?"

"Six months..."

"WHAT!? We've only been around for a month!" Ryan buries his paws in his face. "What was your name again?"

"Void..." The Umbreon says.

"Well, Void, please get out of my office..."

"But..." The Umbreon frowns.

"Out!" Doofinbaker points towards the door and the Void's ears droop. He gets on his fours and starts to slowly walk out of the room, pouting as he does.

"I guess I'll never have any friends..." The dark type sniffles. "I'll just go to Goldenrod City and be forced to work at the casinos cleaning out the Grimers..." Void looks towards Doofinbaker and a single tear is shed, and the Bidoof rubs his paw in his face and tells the Umbreon to stop.

"Fine...You can stay. Just don't poop on the rug."

The Umbreon's facial expression changes and he grins ear to ear. He runs towards the Bidoof and despite being rather tanky of a Pokemon, he leaps over the desk and snuggles close to Ryan.

"Okay, okay...I get it..." The Bidoof pats his head. "Just behave..."

There is a knock on the door and Doofinbaker gets Void to get on the floor. Before he can even tell the person to come in, the person on the other end barges in the office and it is a Landorus in a Therian form, brimming with confidence.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first overall pick is here!"

"Hey, Max. Good to see you..." The Bidoof saves his Minecraft game and adjusts himself in his seat. "And I were technically the second pick overall..."

The legendary from Unova scoffs. "Please, did you see that head coach and the way he treats Victini? Complete bias! I'm the real first pick!" The Landorus floats in front of the desk. "So, ready to give me your championship hopes?"

The Bidoof shrugs. "I mean, you're like a swiss-army knife. You can fill many roles."

"Well whatever role I'll be, it's going to be the star. Might as well just give me MVP!"

Ryan sighs. "Okay Max, we get it, you're the most overused Pokemon in OU. You're good. But do yourself a favour and don't let that confidence get out of control. Paul has already told me you skipped practice and we need to be a team. Even some of the mons who will not be used every week get their roles and are happy."

Landorus raises an eyebrow. "Whatever, I'll wipe the floor with those pathetic Eevees. So, you called a meeting with your top draft-pick?"

"Yeah...about that..."

Almost on cue, the office doors open up and two more Pokemon walk in. The mythical Jirachi, and a shiny Altaria. The jaw of Landorus drops and the two float and fly in.

"Hey, boss!" The Jirachi says in a high-pitched voice. "We made it!"

The Bidoof smiles. "Hey, Sleepy, glad you're awake!"

"And don't forget about me..." The Altaria says in a feminine and elegant voice. "I'm almost like the team mother..."

Ryan nods. "Of course, Fluff, you're part of the Royal Dragon family from Hoenn, you're basically a Queen and one with a big heart."

The Altaria blushes as the two get next to Max. With Jirachi floating next to him and giving the self-proclaimed "star" a hug as Altaria perches herself on the back of the chair with the Landorus looking rather infuriated.

"Great, glad everyone could make it. So, I called you three here as our top picks because both Paul and I agreed we need team leaders, and with you three as some of the strongest mons we have and filling many roles, we need you guys to be great examples."

There is a smirk on the face of Max and the other two smile.

"I can't wait to help the team!" The Jirachi gleams with joy.

"Same here." The Altaria smiles with her beak.

"Now, here are a couple of things for you guys..."

Ryan opens his desk door and pulls out a couple of items. First, he hands Fluff a pink and blue spherical stone on a necklace, wrapping it around her neck.

"Fluff, girl, you're going Mega."

"Thank you, it'll match my elegance and my caring nature..."
She smiles.

Next, he takes out a star piece and hands it to Jirachi. "I heard you like stars, Sleepy, so here you go."

The Jirachi hugs it and shouts "Thanks!" and finally, Ryan looks at Max.

"And for you..." The Landorus grins and the Bidoof pulls out...A mirror. "Reveal Glass so you can keep form."

Seeing this the Landorus appears to be disappointed and the glass is put in his hands.

"Great, and with it, I announce you three as our captains and you're all being used against the Eevees. Good luck guys!"

The Altaria and Jirachi seem pleased and leave the room, but Max stays for a moment.

"Excuse me, umm, Doofinbaker."

The GM is about to go back to his "work" but he stops and looks at Max.


"Co-captain? I mean...I thought as your first pick I..."

Doofinbaker rolls his eyes.

"You were my first pick, yes, but there were countless others I could have picked number one. But right now, we need a team. Not just 'one star.' So, get ready for our match, get ready to fill your role, and help us win. Got it?"

The legendary sighs. "Yes, Doofinbaker..."

Landorus keeps his head low as flies out of the room. The Bidoof is about to get back to his game of Minecraft, until the Umbreon from under his desk shouts. "CAN I BE ON THE TEAM!?"

"Sweet Pansage...I..." He looks at Umbreon. "You already are, Void...And we need you for week one!"


Ryan B. Doofinbaker shakes his head as he loads up Minecraft.

" let's fix that sprite of yours."

The camera fades away.
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