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  1. Lethal vs ACH for the World TV Title
    Lethal vs ACH Rematch
    It's the World Television Title match everyone is talking about! On this week's episode of ROH TV, ACH challenges Jay Lethal for the TV Title in one of the most athletic and exciting matches in the history of the show. It has to be seen to be believed! Unfortunately for ACH (and fortunately for the House of Truth), the bout had an announced 30 minute time limit - which expired before a winner was determined.

    The time limit draw sounded after both Selezyia and Truth Martini had been ejected from ringside due to interference and even after Lethal himself considered taking his belt and running home. But through it all, ACH kept fighting and the rabid fans kept cheering him on. Had he gotten just a few more minutes, would he be champion today?

    Lethal and ACH already had an established history with each other. A little over a year ago, the two squared off in San Antonio at HONOR IN THE HEART OF TEXAS. Not only was this a glimpse into the future between these two athletes, many point to this match as ACH's "breakout" moment in Ring of Honor. From there, his career has taken off. And that path led him to Philadelphia, where he very nearly captured his first title in ROH.

    Even more recently - just last weekend, in Milwaukee - ACH PINNED Jay Lethal to win a Six Man Mayhem match. He finally got the victory that slipped through his fingers in Philadelphia. The title wasn't on the line this time around. But now Jay Lethal knows for sure...ACH can beat him.

    Just as fans demanded "five more minutes," Nigel McGuinness has looked into the TV title draw and made a decision. This match was so spectacular and so competitive that is deserves a rematch. But this time, there will be no draw. There MUST be a winner at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA 6!

    ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal defends against ACH...NO TIME LIMIT!

    This time both men get as much time as they need to prove who deserves to hold the TV Title. You'll definitely want to be there live on September 6th! But if you can't make it to Toronto, you can order the event on iPPV and not miss a second!

    For tickets to ROH ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, click HERE.

    Ring of Honor Presents:
    Saturday, September 6th, 2014 - 7:30pm
    Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens
    50 Carlton Street - TORONTO, ONT

    Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin

    2 out of 3 falls for the ROH World Tag Team Championship
    reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) vs The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson

    No Time Limit - ROH World TV Title
    Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini vs. ACH

    "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole

    Grudge Tag Team Match
    Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs The Decade's Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs

    Grudge Tag Team Match
    Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs The Decade's Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs

    - Mark Briscoe
    - Silas Young
    - Cedric Alexander
    - Hanson
    - Caprice Coleman
    - Moose & RD Evans

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  2. Bad Influence, Young Bucks, AJ Styles and Jay Lethal. :hmmm:
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