WrestleMania Torrie Wilson and NY Yankees star Alex Rodriguez to attend WrestleMania in Miami

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  1. [​IMG]

    Wrestlemania just got more awesome.[​IMG]

    I wonder if Alex Rodriguez is related to Ricardo Rodriguez. Hmm...
    *searching on wikipedia*
  2. Anyone wanna reply or are you all still fapping?
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  3. Dang Torrie was hot man!

  4. I've heard Ricardo is adding her into his new movie.
  5. Am I the only one or is anyone else wondering about this?

  6. YES YES YES Torrie!

    Is that an actual school pic of RR or just a set up?
    If it is real.. Damn, I have a twin brother.


    Good one, but I guess it's skin colour panties..

  7. As far as I know he was in a porno.
  8. Yeah, I thought so. Had to be sure though. :otunga:
  9. WOW how did i not notice that!
  10. I always have this one glued to my head: [​IMG]



    In that dream, or just a boring set-up? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. I bet so many guests were fapping at this thread earlier.
  12. True..
    GUYS GUYS!!!!


    Yup, helpin' da guys..:boss:
  13. Now no one will sign up :upset:
  14. Aaaaahh:sad:

    I'm sorry!

    I said nothing tbh.:boss:
  15. @[Goldberg] can't stop watching Torrie's picture.
  16. Now we know who's next for the old jackhammer.
  17. :cry: WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS!!!!!:cry:
  18. Damn, this guy has been reading this thread for so long. It's 10:09 on my time btw. Almost an hour.

  19. 50 minutes he's been on, that some serious fapping time. Yeah shouldiluvu we know what you're doing.
  20. He left after an hour of fapping. #SuccessfulThread
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