News Total Bellas is coming

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. EOnline

    @Shadow @CM Punk Who sets up the LD?

    Bryan, Cena, Johnny Ace, this show is going to rock.
  2. I'll set it up, deffo gonna watch it.
  3. Called this.
  4. lmao Total Divas ratings are down and now they're trying to play it off as "it's because of the rest of the cast, the Bellas bring in ratings"
    Good luck with that E!, have a good one :kappa:
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  5. E! also runs other garbage television like that Kardiasians show. I am sure it will be fine with their market audience. Some people eat up reality TV like cake. I never liked it and never will.
  6. You watch wrestling don't you? It's like the original "reality" tv lol.

    Could we just take the Bellas out of the show and just have Cena, D-Bry and Johnny Ace on wild adventures?
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  7. Yeah but its not like people insist it is REAL. We all know it is scripted. Reality TV people act like they don't have any scripts or story-lines whats so ever.

    And Yes, please. I think people will be watching mostly for them, not the Bellas.
  8. the men in Total Divas seem to be the only people with brains anyways according to the script. The women literally fuck everything up, and then go on to take advice from their boyfriends/husbands
  9. Because that's not what Total Divas already is? Lel, oki
  10. You mean like wrestling used to? Back when heels and faces weren't allowed to use the same hotels or restaurants
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  11. That was then, this is now.

    Stop smearing your arse on my posts! :sad:
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  12. The John, Bryan and Johnny roadtrip episode (there has to be one) is going to be legendary. Three legends talking shop in the car and the Bella Brother being the odd one out
  13. hah might as well since they are the reality tv eye candies
  14. Only watching for Big Johnny

    and Nikki
  15. If the Bellas are getting a Spinoff Show then hopefully Vince Russo will get a Spinoff Show called Total Russo we're for 2 and a half hours he cuts shoot promos on everyone and everything.
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  16. Used to watch it, the show's actually pretty glorious for unintentional comedy appeal. Have a box of popcorn and rip everything apart! :win:
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  17. and talks about how WWE is lacking quality content because there isn't a swerve each and every week.
    I'll admit, I'd watch the shit out of that
  18. I'm throwing money at my screen. Why isn't this a thing yet?
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