Total chaos in the WWE !!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. It's Attitude Era Guys!!.............Imagine ae to be back in the WWE . Although the PG Era had some of the greatest matches of all times like Cena vs Punk at Summerslam 2011 and Punk vs HHH at NOC. But the AE was a thrill to watch everyday. Here's a short compilation of AE . Click here :
    .........Plus comment on the Chaos that AE brought everyday!!
  2. omg AE so much better PG!!!
  3. Sigh. The attitude era wasn't all it's made out to be.

    There was a hell of a lot of bad wrestling, and for a wrestling fan like me, that's not a good thing.

    Sure the Austin/McMahon feud was hilarious but you can't draw away from the fact that the wrestling then wasn't good at all.

    It really grates on me when people are like: "OMG that attitude era was the best ever it was like so awesome!!!" - No, a part of it, was awesome.
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  4. The main event matches did tend to be badly booked however on the whole the AE had some pretty god damn awesome matches, especially in 2000. You had The Hardy's, E&C and The Dudleys tearing it up, Jericho and Benoit and Angle for the 1st part of the year. Plus guys like Eddie, Malenko and Kane were on the ball throughout, Taker whilst not the worker he is today still was an enjoyable brawler plus HHH was the ultimate heel worker in the ME. You could always guarantee at least one match would take your breath away, mainly due to the interest in the undercard, I'm not a monster fan of the era as I'm sure many will know, but the undercard wrestling was superb the alot of the time.
  5. Ruthless Aggression wants some love too
  6. wwe need more TLC maches
  7. This IMO is the greatest era.
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  8. Regressing to the Attitude Era today wouldn't be a good idea at all. There are things that were better in the AE that could be duplicated today with no need for the whole Crash TV concept and etc. to be brought back, like the undercard focus as Seabs said. Nothing stops them from giving the undercard the attention they should today, the Attitude concept has nothing to do with it.
  9. WWE needs to go back to the attiude era the PG era is killing WWE and I just cant stand how WWE is being all kiddy and lowering down the product to suit kids it sucks
  10. If you watch wwe only for the wrestling then you should better change to mma or something like that. WWE is about entertainment, wrestling is only a part of it. Sure matches in the AE were HQ, but the amount of stars they had, the storylines created, the fantastic crowd, the gimmicks, the feuds made up for it.

    Im pretty sure tyson kidd vs rey mysterio will be a better "wrestling" match than cena vs rock, however they arent the ones headlining wrestlemania, or ever will.


    i doubt its still the pg era.

    WWE are doing a lot of things right, and the current era is much better than the pg era ever was.

    Lots of heavyweight names in the mainevent like hhh rock taker cena lesner.
    feuds without a title involved.
    title feuds are interesting again, pun vs jericho wasnt all that bad, bryan's reign was classic. punk vs bryan after that, big show turning heel, everything was pretty great imo, they kept things fresh.
    cena has evolved a lot, a lot more interesting segments with him, great feuds, mic skills increased hugely.
    masked kane back.
    having big names constantly coming back. rock, brock, hhh.

    the only thing that needs to be done is to give some relevence to the lower card titles, aka the ic title, us title.
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