Total Divas 08/18/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Going to be honest, i dont have 1 single reason to watch this show, and i dont know why anyone else does. This wont make the divas division relevant, and outside of a "more product = more cash" WWE ideal, i see no reason for this show.
  2. Wow, watching this episode, I might need to start drinking wine or do drugs lol.Ok let's start with Natayla, as we get to see her relationship that has been going on 13 years with Tyson Kidd.Natayla in the beginning of the show was going with Nikki Lingerie shopping, and she said he sex life is not there anymore since Kidd's injury.Can you blame him, maybe he probably thinks if, he has sex with Natayla, he might screw up his knee lol.I found it funny that Natayla in earlier espiodes talked bad about the Bellas, but you likes them enough to hang out with one of them.I guess WWE puts into them, we want you be a heel this week, or wait a face next week.Later for Natayla, she put on the Lingerie she purchased to give Kidd a boner, but he didn't care one bit.He was watching Wrestling, he is must be really thirsty to get back into the ring, to pass up sex with Natayla.I still think though, if the Cameras weren't there, it would of been sex tape time, but those Cameras can kill a mood lol.Natayla really wants to be married, she wants the Disney land type of wedding, so joyful, with her whole family there, and I guess Kidd is not ready, but when will you be ready Kidd? Theirs a part where Kidd takes Natayla to the courthouse and I rolled on the floor laughing.Man if Kidd was dating a Hispanic Women who wanted to be married like Natayla, she would of slapped him across the face, but Natayla would rather storm off, and leave Kidd behind, looking like an ass.In the end Kidd sets up a romantic dinner for Natayla, and he wants to get into that Lingerie purchased, and she said Gismo their Cat can't come lol.Someone strap a small Camera onto the leash of Gismo please!

    Now we go from Natayla, to the Funkettes Naomi and Cameron.Cameron wants to get some bigger boobs, even putting on fake boobs throughout the show to see how they feel.At one point she wears them in the pool, and they fall out, and float! Aye Captain, we have a ship mate OVERBOARD! GET THAT SHIPMATE A LIFE RAFT SKIPPER!! Theirs another funny part wen Cameron went to the Doctors, to get the boobs in the first place, and Naomi's fiancee Jimmy Uso, to see the secretary's boobs, and she drops that top fast! Jimmy like a 13 year old kid turn around and covered up his face, I would of done the same thing.Naomi told him, this is the only time you'll get to see that, besides mine lol.Later Cameron wears her fake boobs to a match, till Nikki hides one of the fake boobs, like the childish kid she acts like.Cameron forgave Nikki, but said Karma is a bitch blah blah, I don't get it, if you want the characters to act like a heel, keep that way.Don't change it multiple times like Big Show changes himself lol.

    With nothing going on with JoJo and Eva Marie, we go to the Bella Twins who are both weak minded it seems.Man I always find it funny, the pretty girls are so stressed out about their looks, but the average girls can shake their stuff with no worries.Brie seems to be worried about her looks more, even to the point where she takes drinks, to kill her hunger. I guess these boboheads don't know if you do that, your body shuts down and starts to live off of your nutrients in your body, till the point where you'll lose weight and more weight.I found it funny Brie calling Nikki fat, which both of them are beautiful, but Nikki didn't say I have bigger boobs than you, surprisingly.Brie wants to stay looking like twins till the end, they have to become their person, they fail to do so alot I've seen in this show, but after a storm off of Nikki at their Summerslam photoshoot, Nikki told Brie how her words hurt her! Hmm..I'm glad you feel that way, so you know how it feels, but Nikki woke up and did the shoot with her sister.We get to see a preview for next week and it seems Kidd/Natayla and Kidd's Mother might headline it.You'll see, but another great episode, Natayla was the star, she doesn't take shit from no one, I LOVE THAT!
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  3. Nice review. Didn't know you were so into the show. :lol1:

  4. Every week man, every week.

  5. "I still think though, if the Cameras weren't there, it would of been sex tape time, but those Cameras can kill a mood lol."

    Total Divas is 100% scripted. More than likely, you're right.
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