Total Divas Discussion Thread 11/24/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Lets go @Vintage® if you can find a stream. Lets find out about Nikki's decision!
  2. Sent you a stream,let's get it going!
  3. John is a jerk.
  4. Apparently Vinny's snake is big. Not big as your boy Punk tho.
  5. Natty seems like she's overreacting but she's not,Eva is a slut and I wouldn't trust her with my man.
  6. Oh snap,she beat Fandango with the roll up.
  7. I'd be pretty jealous too. Eva gets to feel up Tyson Kidd.
  8. I'd be alright with never having sex - Arianne

    Crazy motherfucker.
  9. Well,she's into oral it seems.
  10. She never told which end tho. :sad1:
  11. Let's just go ahead and assume she likes both ends just as much.
  12. lol, Vinnie da best! Bringing in sex toys.
  13. YES'ING IN BED?! :yes:
  14. Holy hell,those are some big toys.
  15. Sounds like this was a good episode. I'll have to check it out later. :ksi:
  16. They always cut out the good stuff.:sad:
  17. I remembered when I got spanked like that... don't do it ever again Shadow. :aries:
  18. I'll do it again and you will like it!:joeyryan:
  19. Dinner sounds good. Wonder what they're going to eat? :hmm:
  20. I could go for something to eat right about now.
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