Total Divas Discussion Thread 12/08/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Vintage, come watch this fabulous show.
  2. Hopefully I got the date right.
  3. I'm here, uh-oh they're going ring shopping. Punk, you should take me ring shopping.
  4. Fack off! I ownly love woman!? :gtfo:
  5. Why did Layla come out till McCool's theme? I thought she had changed it by then.
  6. She did when I went to RAW 3 months ago.
  7. I can be a woman if you want me to!
  8. I'm not gay :gtfo:
  9. So wait, Brie farted?
  10. What's this snow header people are talking about? Have been on my phone for most of the day.
  11. Wait, she did? I missed it, damn.
  12. Her feet looks nice.
  13. It's just snow falling from the top of the page, it's pretty cool.

  14. Wait, now there's more. It's so beautiful.
  15. lol. He faced Bo Dallas.
  16. NOOOOO GIZMOOO! :upset:
  17. Eva Marie looks fucking retarded in one piece outfits.
  18. Awe, man. That was sad. R.I.P Gizmo.:sad:
  19. She looks like she has a camel toe 24/7.
  20. There is barely any Bryan in this episode.
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