Total Divas Fueds

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  1. So now we have 2 diva feuds that have come out of Total Divas now right?

    The whole Summer Rae/Layla/Fandango mess and the Natty/Bellas feud. Frankly, those paintings looked like shit IMO. I would not want to hang them up either. Another reason not to like Natty. How is she not a heel yet? Looked like her and Cameron(?) were going to start their own feud last week after Natty lost on RAW.

    Are you guys appreciating the connections between the "reality" show and the actual wrestling ones? I, for one, am sure enjoying it. For one, it gives me a reason to get my wife more involved in watching WWE. She is WAAAAAY into Total Divas so when they have matches I bring it to her attention. Like Natty trying to get all mad at Eva for that referee job she did in the rematch with New Boobs Nikki on Smackdown. We had an interesting talk about that. I'm loving it!
  2. The thing that sucks about it is this is all shit that happened months ago, however idk Natty's not known for painting but she took her time to paint that; it's a very heartwarming gesture. Nikki is a bitch for saying all that shit when she could've simply accepted it and thanked her and hung it up in the garage or in a closet or something. Ungreatful little slut :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: How they're writing Natty's character getting pissed off over something like that though I didn't really like. It seems like they're placing her against the Divas which I don't really care for but whatever it's the Divas division in the end right? lol. Granted most people know I mark for Natty I don't consider this a biased opinion simply because it is the Divas division which I don't abide by any because none of it really matters haha.

    Summer Rae is truly a SLOOT! Layla <333 :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. I think what sucks most about these feuds, is that you have to watch Total Divas to actually understand why they are acting like this. The feuds revolve around a reality show and not the wrestling show. It sucks, WWE has a shitload of shows already. I would rather watch Legend's House and not watch any of the Diva's feuds. At least with Paige, she does her shit on air only.
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  4. If only the Divas lived with the Legends.
  5. That would be called a porno.
  6. Ok I am only down if Duggan, Piper, and Hillybilly Jim are in Pornos with the Divas. I am not cool with Jimmy Hart and Pat Patterson doing the dirty
  7. I don't like it, screws over the other divas
  8. Some of it makes no sense ie. Summer Rae Vs Leyla for Fandango. Only last week on Total Divas we saw Summer Rae and Fandango realise that there was absolutely nothing between them and yet she's getting into a feud about it.
    They need to really work these things out properly. Like the whole Brie and Daniel Bryan stuff- wasn't it only like a year ago he was with AJ on the show- but obviously there was no reference to that being made at all.
  9. Yeah I reached with that one. I just figured Fandingo was with Layla now due to what you mentioned in the show. It might not have anything to do with that. Who knows? I wonder if Layla will be in Season 3 of TD?
  10. Who knows, did I imagine it or was there an announcement about Rosa joining next season?
    I can't believe I'm expecting WWE to be consistent in their storytelling- the fact that the Triple H and Steph forced wedding storyline was forgotten still makes me smile.
  11. I never knew that was for real until years later lol. I always thought it was BS how it went down. They just drove up to a drive through chapel and he spoke for her (very obviously might I add). For a LONG time I thought "How is that legal?" Such a mark.
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  12. I c
    Nah I'm pretty sure that was announced.
    I hope they go for Ssn 4, Alexa Bliss anyone?
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  13. About to watch her vs Charlotte while I eat my lunch
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