Total Divas Live Discussion Thread 8/4/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dat Kid, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. Broadway with bodyslams!
  2. I get to whack it to eva marie.
  3. Hey guyss.
  4. Eva Marie saying yes like DB
  5. FandAHnghooo
  6. I'm already fapping to Jojo
  7. Eva is hotter man
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  8. Eva trying to get at fandango
  9. Lol inb4 that becomes her ring name
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  10. The stream Shadow sent me doesn't seem to work, I'll try and find something else
  11. The bellas seem bitchy as fuck.
  12. Lol blame it all on Cameron cause she already has a DUI, nothing to lose
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  13. Eva Marie > Jojo.
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  14. They are going to my house later.
  15. Yeah, they actually do, haha.
  16. They should have a show like this for males,it'd be sweet.
  17. Nah it's just the one with Cena
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  18. Yeah, she seems extra bitchy.
  19. Fandango just happens to walk by when that conversation happens
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  20. Oh fandango is mack daddy.
  21. Curtis seems chill irl.
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