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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. So I watched the show every week with the wife. The only WWE related programming I can get her to watch. And I just wanted to say that this show seems pretty fake to me and makes it seem that Cena is actually a politically correct, OCD bachelor for life whereas Bryan is the nicest guy and porposes in the most perfect way (wifes words). Pretty sure that whole "Natty gets drunk and calls Stephanie McMahon to quit" story was all fake too. So much for hoping for a real look into WWE superstars lives. But I am glad it got my wife's attention. At least she'll comment now if she's me watching a Cena or Bryan match.

    Oh and I coined the phrase "New boobs Nikki" so I could remember which Bella was which, lol.

    Anybody got any funny things they noticed to add since that was the season finale? :ohgod: Will Nikki break up with Cena!? I should really say DID Nikki break up with Cena, as the episode is quite dated when it airs.
  2. All scripted. Every single sec of it
  3. Should've known. Oh well. I notice we don't see Eva hardly at all in WWE anymore these days. At least I haven't.
  4. She's a cancer. Guess she wont be around till the second season comes, when she will return.
    Btw, i only watched the first episode. Thought it was okay. Then i read that all was scripted. Well, except everyone hating Eva that is true. Lol at Natty drunk wtf. Btw, i couldnt stand the fact they all tried to make us believe it was true "COME SEE HOW A DIVA LIVES, GET INTO A DIVAS LIFE" Its like hey E/WWE we arent stupid
  5. Not sure if it appears in the show. But Cena "politically correct" maybe like to drink alcohol at little bit too much. (Flair said so)
  6. I missed the season finale due to TLC, but I watched every other episode and I somewhat enjoyed it even though it's scripted.
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  7. I wanted to believe it, but then I watched it, lol. Still entertaining, but disappointing.

    Yeah Natty got like wicked drunk and started calling Steph and leaving messages at like 5 AM. She got more drunk with each message. Kept saying she should be divas champ. Last one said she quit, but she didn't remember it (supposedly). I think one of the messages was actually meant for TJ, and since she was drunk you can imagine what THAT one sounded like lol.
  8. The fact that someone has to point this out is sad...
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  9. You're sad, bitch
  10. It was good, I enjoyed it somewhat. Better than the Khardashian shit because even if its scripted its believable and "realistic" sort of. Eva is a bitch, not even just from the show she is just an annoying bitchy model who thinks she can wrestle.
  11. God the hate for Eva is so strong in the IWC. She should just go heel and use the heat I guess
  12. But she just sucks and should fuck off.
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  13. Fixed, now thats what I'm talking bout
  14. God no, I don't find Eva that attractive.
  15. The most scripted thing I saw is when one of the funkadactyls were driving in a car and someone cut them up. So she started beeping her horn like crazy and got out the car and started going mad at the driver and throwing shit at him. This all happened on like a completely abandoned road with no cars driving past and they were all like OMG WOW SO REAL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED WOW MAJOR SHIT.

    It's an enjoyable show, but Eva Marie needs to go back to where she came from. Where ever the hell that is anyway...
  16. Went back and watched all the episodes, easily the best WWE show of the week for many of the weeks that it aired. I did laugh that Cena thinks he's going to be there till he's 45-ish. Yeah, right :lol1: - the not getting married thing is real but I'm pretty sure the not having kids thing isn't.
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  17. Total Divas is The Simple Life but worse.
  18. I haven't watched a single episode and I don't plan on watching it. It's just another way to degrade the division and make them look like petty second tier talent. From the previews I've seen of the show, it looks like they have petty arguments and it makes women look lame in general. I'm sure it's very scripted and nothing close to their real lives.
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  19. I mean, no offense to anyone, but how the fuck could anyone possibly think this would actually be "real"? First off, EVERYTHING on TV is bullshit, even the fucking news for god's sake. Secondly this is a show produced by WWE that airs on E!
    Let that sink in for a minute. (fucking AMERICAN) Television + WWE + E, how is this not a recipe for total bullshit? lol. Also the fact that if they did follow these people's lives in a realistic way, it'd be boring as fuck, I'm sure. So obviously angles like "OMG THEY BREAKING UP?!" "OMG THEY GOT MARRIED!" "OMG ROAD RAGE!" "OMG SHE DRUNK" is preferred, seeing as how that's the type of shit people want to see. Which is just another red flag. LOLGUYSKAYFAB

    Again, I don't want to come off as some pretentious asshole but seriously...
    Not saying it can't be enjoyable to some (how? idk. but hey each their own) but expecting it to be "real"? :pity1:

    deth's drunk rant
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  20. I agre with the post above. If I wanted to go see people argue, breakup, get drunk and fuck I'd go downtown.
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