Spoiler Total Diva's - Paige's Brownie's

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. So we all heard about it, And here is the clip most of us have been waiting for.

  2. Lol this show seems as terrible as I imagined it.
  3. Well, that was pretty terrible.

    Another good diva in Page has been ruined. You've accomplished your goal, WWE.
  4. This looks good on their wellness policy.
  5. I like the show Im going to watch tonight to see this season :emoji_slight_smile: I like what i see so far LOL WTF is paige thinking who will she give the Brownie to Next?
  6. you might be overstating it...
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  7. Would've been hilarious if Swagger would've volunteered to eat the brownie instead.
  8. Paige is fine as fuck though. I would eat her drug brownies and her butt, no necessarily in that order.
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  9. Pretty weird how much a Paige mark you have become after calling her AJ Lee V2.
    Will never forgive you for saying that.
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  10. Don't worry, I would never watch her wrestle
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  11. This clip is hilarious now that I watch it. Fandango says "I don't think there is any weed in the buffalo wings"
  12. Spoiler alert - There was no pot in the brownies at the WWE Party on the WWE show. It was all a ruse.
  13. Hot take. So you mean to tell me this reality TV show may be scripted?
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  14. Maybe. Just maybe.
  15. Totally not scripted.. but yeahh Fandango stole the segment.
  16. Paige's lack of mic skills probably has something to do with it.
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  17. Sure, but she's good in the ring.
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  18. If WWE did ruin her, it was her main roster debut and the booking after it.
    She showed more personality in that one episode of Total Divas than all her appearances on the main roster combined.
  19. Paige is good in the ring she will get better at the other stuff I wanna see what Eva Marie can do Besides piss her family off lol
  20. That is pretty much the norm for WWE. We see promos for WWE.com or appearances outside of WWE and these people seem awesome. It is only the terrible WWE creative team that nerfs their personalities.

    They've got a guy like Ziggler on the roster, why on God's earth would you do anything other than hand him a mic and say "go be yourself and entertain the people" ?. his twitter feed is 10 X more entertaining than the average ep of Raw
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