Total Divas Review

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. @Shadow @CM Punk
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  2. Strike 1 was the mask
    Strikes 2 & 3 were the terrible voice disguiser being used

    Ultimately I lasted only 10 seconds, but that's not the first time that's happened, right ladies?
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  3. Liked the video, subscribed to his channel and fapped to his voice :yay: :fap:
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  4. #YOLOFanGirlSWAG
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  5. He has some good points as John Cena's gay theory. And well... When he says what he did in the next two episodes and says "that's what Total Divas is good for, tits and asses*
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  6. Who watches Total Divas for T & A? That's like eating a fruit roll up and hoping to get some of your daily fruit values. Its not the right way to go about it.
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  7. Yeah, but if you're gonna review the episode you must watch it (unless you say "fuck the show/10" or "#DidntWatch/10" or "who cares?/10" or all those things) and at least you can fap to asses and tits... If I'm honest, I couldn't care less about the show because it's just boring as fuck. Why would I want to know who Nikki is dating? As I've said a lot of times, this is just to bring women's attention and get some girls to watch WWE (not only Total Divas)
  8. It is for money. They kno sex sells which is why they made the show. I mean think about it... Who in their right mind other then little tweens and young teen girls would give two shits about watching a show like this? I never liked reality shows. The only one I watched in full was tough enough and that was cause Stone Cold made it interesting. I can't stand watching people get paid to bitch and moan about their bodies, who their dating, or fighting on TV. This stuff is labeled reality when 95%+ of it never is.
  9. I've had a soft spot for reality shows in the past. Big Brother is my ultimate guilty pleasure ( @Senhor Perfect we're only like 7 months away bro! ) I've caught some seasons of Survivor. I definitely don't watch the ones that are obviously 100% completely scripted like this shitty show the thread is about or Honey Boo boo or Duck Dynasty

    you know, all of Aids favorite shows.
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  10. Counting down the days brother :hogan:
  11. it's as real as the wrestling itself lol.. Just take it for what it is.. Attractive women going about their daily lives.. scripted or staged.. who cares?
  12. I feel bad for everyone who had to sit through this season of big brother.
  13. I like Duck Dynasty mainly for Uncle Senhor Si.
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  14. yea it was a terrible season. they need to go back to picking more interesting house guests
  15. I wish they understood that, but im pretty sure they'll end up bringing past players this time around. I also hope they end twists soon.
  16. Hey Jack!
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