Total Divas Season 3 Trailer

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. E! dropped the trailer for the new season of Total Divas today.

    So what exactly will Rosa be doing? Bearing in mind she's only been on screen twice (IIRC) in the past year.
  2. It was a great package. The storyline arc of the season obviously being Cena and Nikki spitting out or not spitting out a little one.
  3. NXT Divas > Main Divas.
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  4. I am partial to Paige and Eva Marie. If I saw either of them at my front door right now, I'd mark out. And then I'd mark out again.
    And then I'd mark out again. And then I'd mark out again.
  5. Another perfect example of tv shows abusing the title of seasons. If you are doing 2-3 per year, forget the season title. Oh I have to wait a whopping 6 weeks for it to return? OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:
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  6. My wife has actually been asking me when the next season starts so she must be enjoying it. Its funny - season one she HATED Eva. By the end of season 2 not so much lol. She wants the red hair like her someday(which I would absolutely love).
  7. I'm glad someone enjoys it, TNA should do a knockoff (pun intended) and just have their nudes randomly pop up.

    Seriously i'm not getting over the Taryn nudes anytime soon, but think of how many TNA stars have nudes, i bet even ODB has naked pics somewhere, but i'm certainly not searching for them. Assmacher, Gail kim, that tag team of 30 year old stripper on meth looking chicks and FUCKING TARYN all have nudes. God the Taryn nudes, i might never get laid again.
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  8. Dixie was pitching a reality series based on her self around earlier in the year. Probably the closest you'd have gotten.
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  9. Yeah it'd be absolutely terrible since you have to assume the nudes are out of the picture.
  10. In this week's episode: Dixie's husband Serge tries writing the theme song for Rockstar Spud.....But runs out of ideas!
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  11. Taz would be the one reading the line's for that part, also.
  12. I'd actually watch that out of a car crash point of view.

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  13. Christ I love you, i'm such a douche and am undeserving of the laughs you send my way.
  14. lol this trash is still around
  15. Once Nikki Bella turns heel, season 3 will have that much more heat.
    What's more rotten than asking the leader of the Cenation to have a baby when WWE has made it clear he needs to remain a bachelor (so the dreamers can still have a shot).
    I don't watch it, but I see the appeal. WWE has an excellent A/V team and that is half the challenge when producing content.
    With these chicks being on TV live each week, it creates a bridge between fake and total unbelievability.
  16. I'd watch an episode if Eve Torres was on it. In a bikini, being a bitch. To Stephanie Mcmahon. Bra and panties match of a lifetime WM31.
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  17. Your lack of grammar doesn't matter. You inspire me. You had me at Eve.
  18. I'm the Holocaust survivor to grammarnazi82's, wait, shit that doesnt work.
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