GFW Total Nonstop Deletion

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  1. Greatest. Pro-Wrestling. Company. On. Earth.
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  2. Umm, what did I just read? I don't think I can personally handle this amount of "#BROKENBrilliance" in one episode...
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  3. If TNA rebrands and becomes this permanently then they can have endless possibilities.
  4. That sounds like it could be a really fun episode.
  5. This is either going to be the greatest episode of wrestling television ever and a thrill-a-minute of barely imaginable proportions, or it's going to overexpose the Hardys and go down in history as a terrible moment that killed the greatest gimmick in wrestling today.

    There is no in-between.
  6. Young Bucks seemed to have accepted, if done, then Matt will show up on ROH in return
  7. Would love to see The New Day and The Young Bucks on TND.
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  8. Isn't kangaroo fighting considered animal cruelty?
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  9. I've been waiting years for that trash fire of a company to die. I'll drink to TNA being gone and hopefully Hardy Bros coming home to roost in the WWE.
  10. If they would go to Connecticut, then MeekMaHan will be DELETED because he would hamper the BROKEN Brilliance of Matt Hardy and the nefarious Brother Nero. You will not question it or else you will be DELETED!
  11. oh man you've got me markin' out for it already. This shit writes itself. He'd have to really be presented as this entity of his own outside the realm of what we even consider the WWE Universe. Just let him run his own creative more or less (in regard to the presentation of Broken Matt on TV at all times) but give it WWE budget and WWE production value. WWE broke Matt and sent him away, now he shall DELETE them.
  12. MeekMaHan would most likely try to hinder the broken brilliance of all might Matt Hardy and allow Brother Nero to feed into his Spot Monkey Adeektion and will defy the Seven DIeties. Then Matt Hardy would obviously be fed to the Dog of Bigness to make him look powerful.
  13. Nothing wrong with that. Heels gotta get fed to someone eventually. Might as well be a hungry dog.
  14. If the PETA comes to the gateway of the Hardy compound then Broken Matt will DELETE!
  15. Total Nonstop Saturation

  16. Instant boner....
  17. Well...that awkward moment when TNA is the most innovative wrestling company in the world right now.
  18. It's tomorrow, and I don't have POP TV. Fuck... lmao I can't believe i'm actually saying this, I wanna watch TNA tmrw.
  19. I'd like to watch this myself.. shame I have to work during when it airs.. I'll be able to find a replay of it though on my day off Friday so that'll be nice.
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