Totally "Money" Superstar Briefcases

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  1. Totally "Money" Superstar Briefcases

    1. Dolph Ziggler
    A garish case for The Show Off, with scrath marks sugesting an attack from a cougar, or worse, Vickie Guerrero.

    2. Big Show
    Weapons of mass destruction need to be handles with the strictest care, inside the strongest, most secure cases.

    3. Cody Rhodes
    A classic like Rhodes prefers to make his statement inside the ring, not outside. This briefcase reflects that.

    To see more breifcases including Zack Ryder's design, pick-up the July issue of WWE Magazine or SUBSCRIBE HERE and save 70% off the newsstand sale price.

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  2. Pretty cool designs :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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