News Tough Enough Contestant Signed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Sep 15, 2015.

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    It's cool if they can actually build them into wrestlers, but I'm guessing they hired Amanda just for Total Divas, since she hasn't even been reported to come for training. Anyways, hopefully this contest actually builds some new guys from scratch.
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  2. what's the point of "elimination" if you going to sign the losers? LMAFO!
  3. Honestly, I cannot believe this. On Tough Enough, he was usually the last person to finish all the challenges they did and struggled greatly in the ring besides that Gator Grip. I mean his personality was great, but physically he struggled, so I'm really surprised that they signed him
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  4. shows their logic of "hey if your tough enough you'll make the roster but you don't have to win, we sign scrubs like you anyway" LMAFO
  5. I guess they think they can pull a Grado on this guy.
  6. At least Amanda was a finalist (better reputation than Cameron's) , honestly won't have much ring experience though as most divas do. ZZ getting signed sounds awesome, i never watched tough enough but I heard ZZ was pretty young and aight
  7. OK, I guess we need more fresh jobbers. lol
  8. I think she's only getting signed for Total Divas; no reports of her reporting for training, from what I gather.
  9. just use NXT its one big jobber in itself.. if you haven't noticed.. I am a big NXT hater... just where I stand.
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  10. NXT sells very well and is used very efficiently to develop their roster. Don't know what makes NXT a 'jobber'. Care to explain?
  11. I am not fond of the concept used, since I prefer dark matches, simple try outs, not this crap of nxt junk -_-
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    WWE has never used try outs as a form of development, and dark matches are the absolute last stage for a developmental wrestler before call up, also WWE never used it to teach and train their wrestlers. WWE has used the concept since the late 80s, starting with Jerry Lawler's Continental Wrestling Association. Guys like The Undertaker spent time down their, as developmental talent. USWA, another promotion like NXT, farmed Flex Kavana. I'm sure you know that guy fairly well. I think you're confused as to what NXT is.

    Is NXT overrated, yes. But not the concept, it has been in use in wrestling since the NWA days. And It's a very smart and calculated way to bread new talent and harbor them to the WWE style.
  13. So what exactly is the point of having Amanda solely for Total Divas? Unless she's going to take a valet/manager role for for ine of the actual wrestlers or actually train to wrestle it seems totally pointless to have her on the show.
  14. And this is why I don't even bother watching Tough Enough. It's not really my thing as it is (although I did watch the first two contests back in the day), but if they're gonna hire even some of the losers, then where's the intrigue in tuning into the show every week to see who wins the entire thing? The fact that the most successful people to have ever come out of Tough Enough (i.e. The Miz, Ryback, Josh Matthews...) aren't even the people who win says it all.
  15. I think that they should and are gonna pair Amanda with Miz
  16. It's all a work
  17. The point of Tough Enough can be summed up in three words:

    "Ratings, old boy!"

    And that goes back to wrestling having an audience that will tune in weekly to whatever gets put on the show. Most of us are in that group, by the way. We'll tune in to whatever wrestling show we can find, even if it's crap (I'm looking at you, TNA....I've watched a ton of crap with a TNA logo in the corner over the long's TNA been around again?) because we love watching wrestling. This means many of us (and we don't need a roll call of all the people who will claim they don't do this...we're not the majority of wrestling fans) tune in to Raw, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, TNA, ROH, NJPW, and whatever's available on the WWN from the indy scene. We're also the guys who pay for the WWE Network, so....

    As for them signing the guys (and gals...don't PC me, bro) who didn't win, I've always thought that they get these 15 people together and see who they think have a shot to make it in the company. I figure most of the people that show up on the final cast will get signed at some point. So, I'm okay with ZZ and Amanda being signed. I also fully expect that Patrick, Mada, Tanner, Gigi, Chelsea, and maybe a couple of the others will get signed before it's all said and done.

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