Tough Enough Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 24, 2015.

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    So I had the thought to make a joke thread asking if anyone on here was going to send in a video for Tough Enough applications. Then I figured I would just a make a discussion thread about it on here since I'm sure people will want to talk about (or talk shit about) the show. I know I probably will. So yeah, here is a thread for discussing all things related to the new Tough Enough season coming out from WWE.

    If you did send a video in would you tell us anyway? :awyeah:

    And did anyone see the short clip of submissions on SmackDown this week? Again I say :awyeah:
  2. Oh yes, I did. That fat dude's video was hilarious. He'll win TE if he gets in [​IMG]
  3. Not sending any videos, but watching others does sound like it could be fun.
  4. Too young and wrestling isn't what I wanna do in the future, maybe work as a stage tech though...
  5. I'm sure there are millions of other people submitting videos, but I took a chance and posted one too.

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  6. Wouldn't apply- I'm too old and have a career. Might start training but for fun only.
  7. Yeah, about the last thing I'd want to do is become a 'wrassler. Besides, I'd be deemed too average looking to be a "WWE Superstar" right out the gate and my unfortunate monotonous-sounding voice would just further prohibit me from making it very far.
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  8. You're all too negative. Take a chance and give it hell. You have one life. Make that video and dominate the WWE!
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  9. lol. Are you trying out?
  10. Gohan better be sending a video in lol
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  11. Lol I never said I practiced what I preached. Do you think I should?
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  13. Gohan auditioning to Tough Enough. This is amazing. @seabs @Dolph'sZiggler get in here and cheer on your boy. Stilted promo and all.
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  14. Edge of your seat stuff.
  15. Lmfao that's great
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    oh my god.

    I haven't watched yet.

    but when I saw this was posted I started giggling like a school girl. I'm giddy right now. This is going to be awesome.

    edit: OK, gotta admit, I was a little underwhelmed. But I did mark for "I am! The tough---est.. man there!"

    other than that he is just Triple H's man. sounds homoerotic
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  17. As cool as it would be to be a wrestler, and i'm sure everyone here has/had that dream. I'd much rather watch it from the ring side, I grew up watching it and really had no sports training other than cross country running. i find it more appealing to watch then do. However if there were ever a part where i could take my theatre training into it. I'd take up a manger role in a heart beat.

    Plus Manger's get away with more! :emoji_wink:
  18. I filmed one, not being serious or anything.. well not trying to be anyway but it ended up aight so I sent it in.. forgot to save it though to share..
  19. Some of these entries are interesting to say the least.
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