Tough Enough For Jarrett, The Snake Return!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Former WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine, who has been wrestling in Puerto Rico, tweeted the following to Jeff Jarrett about a spot in his new wrestling promotion:

    "If you're looking for talent and there's an opportunity, where can I throw my name into the mix and EARN a spot?"

    - Jake "The Snake" Roberts will wrestle in a six-man match just two weeks before his WWE Hall of Fame induction on March 22nd at Maryland Championship Wrestling's Tag Wars 2K14 event. Jake will team with Adam Flash and Ronnie Zukko to face Aziz Daniels, Mitch Miller and Paul White.

  2. Andy fucked up his own career in the WWE. Let him die. I was rooting for Luke Robinson from the beginning of Tough Enough. I'm really pissed that he didn't win. FUCK ANDY. I heard Stone Cold only picked Andy because he thought Luke would make it into the WWE without Tough Enough. DAMN YOU STONE COLD.
  3. How'd he fuck up his WWE career?
  4. He had a WWE Contract if you don't remember. He got released for drugs or some shit like that. He truly fucked it up himself. I hate the guy for winning the Season when he shouldn't have. He was terrible in the ring. He had no Mic skills whatsoever.
  5. Jobber now, jobber always.
  6. Matt Cross should have won Tough Enough.
  7. Or ivelisse
  8. For sure. Wish they did 2 contracts. Matt has been busting his ass off on the indy scene for a long time, he deserves a shot.
  9. I honestly think Ivelisse would have won had she not gotten hurt.
  10. Thats true.
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  11. How the fuck did Ariane get a contract?

    Austin wanted to stop a mud hole in her so bad....
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