Tough Enough winner gets called out

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  1. Stardust got him. "The One Man Block Machine" Kevin Owens was cool too. lol @ dempsey trying to play it cool.
  2. So Regal/Brookside has not stretched this guy into a noodle yet then.
  3. What a jerk. And lol, KO and Stardust are the greatest.
  4. lol Please tell me this whole thing is a work just to stir up a little attention for Josh. He's getting heat for calling a bunch of jobbers... jobbers? Everyone knows that's all Social Outcast are. They'r'e not meant to be a serious group. They're Job Squad 2.0, just under a different name.

    I haven't used Twitter in like forever, but I'm compelled to sign in again just so I can tweet Kevin Owens and Stardust to compliment them on what idiots they are (Owens for believing "jobber" is still an 'insider' term in 2016, and Stardust for suggesting they resort to high school bullying tactics, i.e. forcing someone to dress in the hallway.) Glad that Josh no-sold both of these thin-skin pricks.
  5. Replies from the #SocialJobbers themselves:
  6. This guy will be released before you know it and USA will be laughing that Tough Enough is pointless like they said. Or Vince and Dunn will push him to the moon because he looks good.
  7. Matt Bloom is sitting on his chest right now and eating beans
  8. What kind of idiot disrespects guys that have actually made it onto the main roster and have 10x the skill you have, whilst you're way, way below them in the ranks? :cenanope:
  9. How is it disrespectful to call a bunch of on-screen characters by what they are - jobbers? He was referring to their on-screen personas, it's not as if he was tweeting them personally to tell them how much their careers all sucked. Plus, even though he has a contract with WWE, he isn't even close to being part of the actual roster yet, so he's probably still used to speaking like any of us normal fans would, and we would all pretty much refer to them jobbers as well.

    I think a lot of the backlash is due to the fact that a good number of people didn't like Josh winning the Tough Enough contest in the first place (especially since he was clearly favored due to having "da look") and are now consciously/subconsciously looking for anything negative to hold against him.
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