Tournament for the Title

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  1. I believe it is great time for a tournament for the title since Bryan cannot defend it. The talent pool is large enough to get it done. I wish they could do a Wrestlemania 4 type event with wrestlers having to compete in mulitple matches to win the title. Even having the matches on Raw throughout a night or multiple nights leading up to a PPV championship final.
  2. No takers on a tournament I guess.
  3. Could be pretty cool I suppose. Would be a fun way to do it. Plus that tourney was pretty epic at WM4.
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  4. Yes....exactly my friend. So many ways they could do it. It's okay to go old school every now and then. It would also be nice to see how the superstars react to wrestling multiple matches in one night.
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  5. They just held a tournament to decide who would be the #1 contender to challenge Big E for the Intercontinental Championship. Tournaments imo are things that should only be done every once and awhile to make them feel more special, so I therefore veto this idea.

    I think we'll probably get a ladder match at the Money In The Bank PPV to decide who the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be. They likely want to keep booking two ladder matches for the PPV (since that's what people have gotten used to seeing), and at least this way, it isn't for two separate MITB briefcases (which I sort of hate the thought of since there's only world title now) but rather one for the vacant championship and one for the briefcase.

    We don't really need a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Payback. They can easily book The Shield versus Evolution as the main event, especially since we can safely assume it'll be the big blow off for this stable war.
  6. My bad I forgot about that. Bad timing
  7. Tourny for the IC from Big E; Battle Royale for the US and now a Beat the clock challenge for the IC. They've been doing a decent job as of VERY recently booking the mid cards quite well, seems to me this is one thing they started to understand from the IWC. A Ladder match at MITB for the title itself would be exactly the next type of booking we need for a title match.

    The contestants for that match as well as the other MITB should be determined via finding the winners out of various matches during the downtime between Payback and MITB, whether it be the winner of different singles matches or tag matches.
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