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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Would anyone like to see them bring back KOTR,Maybe even a tag team style one could be good if they got the right amount of teams and talent.

    Would this make the product more exciting?
  2. Yes. I would love. Brings some relevance to the lower parts of the card since they could compete in it, leaving the top guys for the title feuds.
  3. I'd be up for them ripping off PWG's DDT4 tournie if they built some tag teams up, throw in a mega powers team to draw who lose in the finals and we have a PPV sorted.
  4. KOTR needs to come back. Scrap all the shitty generic PPVs and leave MITB, RR, KOTR, WM, SummerSlam, and SS. One every two months, so that you can build stories properly.
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  5. I want KOTR back and HHH will win it
  6. :cornette:
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  7. John Cena has never won this he deserves it, it will be a great underdog moment :otunga:
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  8. True but I wouldn't like to see 2013 Cena's year...
  9. #NewGeneration I hope they don't bury that new talent though, that Big Show kid could be a star plus I see potential in The Undertaker and HHH.
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  10. I heard about this new guy called Ric Flair. I heard that he is great on the mic, and his in ring work is good as well. Young talent is starting to look great :otunga:
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  11. That blonde guy in TNA looks good too, I think he's called Hawk Hogan or something.
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  12. But what about this Bruno kid? He's pretty popular plus he's Italian. That's minority money right there. :vince:
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  13. What about that guy with the facepaint? I think it's Ping. Although I did hear Hawk wanted a world championship shot. Nice to see fresh talent hungry for some gold. And Pop, you should check out this new guy on NXT called Lou Thresz.
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  14. It'd be nice to have some tournaments, yeah. Would improve the product somewhat.
  15. Not so excited about a King of the Ring PPV as much as tournaments on the regular shows. Easy way to make the show less filler-y
  16. I would love to see a Tourny when they bring back the Cruiser Weight Title. All those guys high flying, could also be a way to give Rey a grand send off as he was one of the folks that made that division on WCW.
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  17. Don't say this! They're watching *hides*

    Well could be worse they could make Khali win :nogusta:
  18. I don't know some days I think I would rather watch him chop people then watch Cena try to pretend he can wrestle.
  19. Well against the right opponent Cena can do well. I.E CM Punk match for a title shot at WM this year.

    Other times you can just tell he's not trying, the problem with Khali is he's either booked to job poorly or in Squash matches which is boring since he's not exactly athletic in the ring.
  20. I just miss the guys like Beniot and Jericho, no matter who they worked with they always had a great match. Even if it was a jobbing effort they always made themselves and their oppent look great.
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