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  1. Recently Disney Pixar has confirmed that they are in the process of developing a 4th installment into the Toy Story series.. Toy Story 3 came out in 2010 and Disney has stated that the new one will be released June 16th, 2017, so about 7 years after the last one..

    Personally I wasn't huge on how the 3rd one ended but that was when I thought they were trying to end the series so I guess we'll see how they further the writing to continue the story.. I will reserve judgements until then.

    Are you excited? surprised? Discuss here.
  2. I'm not really pumped for it. Like, I thought Toy Story 3 was a good way to end the story, but it seems like they'll milk the shit out of this.
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  3. Yeah I was completely fine with them ending it with the 3rd one.. I wouldn't say I'm pumped either, definitely will give it a watch though.
  4. I predicted they'll do a fourth movie.

    The Ending to 3 left a lot of opportunities for shorts and for a new film...
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  5. I'll agree to that, I really hope Andy makes a cameo of some sort.. although that probably won't happen.
  6. Probably won't, considering he's in college at this time...

    Should be interesting though with the new toys along with the ones we know...
  7. Brave Little Toaster >
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  8. Hopefully they never try to redo BLT.. that shit was church.
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  9. I thought Gav was toying with me (Get the pun there?) but seriously i didn't expect it. I am very excited for this!
  10. @Jesus why did you dislike my post? I literally agreed with you.. You're a weird fella flipping on BLT like that in less than a few hours.
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  11. Would I ever lie to you?

    But yes im excited to see it too it'll be interesting to see what direction they go in
  12. This one is supposed to be a love story too. I'll pass.
  13. Love stories are my fav!.. no but seriously if this is a thing then yea I'll pass as well.
  14. 2/10 but will still watch
  15. I'm excited but worried. Like when you're getting head from a girl with braces.
  16. now that's a kids movie
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  17. hey fuck you prick why did you dislike my post for agreeing with you
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