Trailer Park Boys season 8

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Senhor Perfect CM Punk have you seen this yet?

    This is the corey Trevor day 4 business, but there is a daily log for the newest season of trailer park boys.

    If you havent seen it :finger: Do your job or :gtfo:....You can also go fuck yourself.

    Im going to update this with shit, but the (few) people who have seen this show help this be active, as i think them buying out the rights and starting their own (mostly internet) channel will be dope as fuck.
  2. I will watch it later.

  3. Bumping this shit because you idiots havent watched it yet. (youd pm me giggling)

    Here is ask pat aka Randy. So juiced.

  4. I wonder who would be who in the world of the WWEF Trailer park.
  5. I looked this up because it should be brought back to light since there has been updates on this and the show is freaking awesome, been a fan since '06 when I first heard about the show from my Canadian cousin.

    Anyway the 3rd TPB movie is done filiming and will be released in Canada on Apr. 18th of this year coinciding with 4/20 weekend.. haha definitely not a coincidence right?
    It's called "TPB: Don't Legalize It" This will be Philadelphia Collins last appearance (he died last year RIP) and also it has been stated that only Corey and not Trevor has made a reappearance to the series.

    After the 3rd movie, the 8th season will be released shortly after that (no dates officially slated) and word has it that in January started some preliminary work for a new script just incase the reception for Season 8 and the New Movie turn out well..
    This preliminary work was identified by an anonymous member of their film crew to be the start of some scripts to a Season 9 for 2015.
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  6. I've never seen Trailer Park Boys but have heard it's good.

    Think you guys can pitch it to me?
  7. Honestly it's one of the best mockumentaries out there!
    When someone tried to describe it to me, it sounded like a stupid premise but once I actually viewed it for myself I became an instant fan.
    A lotta weed, a lotta booze, a lotta trouble making, some good wholesome trailer park fun.
    They do such a good job at mocking it that it really comes off as it could be acomplete possibility for a Trailer Park up in Canada.
  8. I've also never watched Trailer Park Boys. Actually, I tried but fell asleep when he was getting out of prison.
  9. Interesting. Guess I'll check it out.
  10. Haha if you watch the show that's a reoccuring theme for season premiers with the main characters :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: And then as you can probably tell the season finales are them going to Jail :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Most people I've turned it onto have said it took anywhere between 3-5 episodes for them to gain interest in it but they liked it overall int he end.
  11. Trailer park boys is the GOAT bros. Philadelphia Collins last movie will be great, hopefully swearnet will do a rental of it online or something for 4/20. Looking forward to the show, but am not paying for swearnet because there is little to no progress IMO.

    The show is on netflix, and it features some decent to amazing (Lahey) characters and the debacles and charades that come with trailer park living using a mockumentary style and doing it about as well as can be. I would tell you more but it would spoil all the fun. There are movies, short films, and 7 seasons to watch before season 8 comes out.

    oh and Trevor is never coming back, he did a blog on it (you can google for it) explaining how fucked over certain characters were by certain members (not onscreen) over the course of time. He said his friends made more doing Tim Hortons commercials than he was making doing TPB, which as anyone should know has grossed quite a bit of money despite having a ridiculously low budget (they built their own trailer park for it by season 4, and that is where the majority of the show takes place) so he wont be returning...which is honestly a giant shame. He really has aged quite a bit, it's crazy to think dude was in his 30s already when season 1 started (he plays an 18-20 year old)
  12. I know Corey is 40 years old in real life haha.
    I remember hearing something after the 5th season came out from Trevor that Wells, Tremblay and Dunsworth (Julian, Ricky, Lahey) were the ones that were giving him the hardest time.. It's okay though imo Trevor was cool and all, but Corey is still good and then Jacob is an ez void filler for Trevor haha both twiggy alien fucks :emoji_slight_smile: J-Roc and the Roc Pile in my eyes are like one of the top 3 best aspects about the show.
  13. The bullshit is what they paid him, dude was making jack shit at the peak of the show. Fuck that.
  14. Back in 07 or 08 Mike Smith (Bubbles) on some like Canadian radio station said something about how like it was due to the contract Trevor had signed initially and how they didn't know the show would take off and how he never asked to rework his contract but also that there wasn't really any extra money in the budget to throw him so they would've had to pay him out of their own pockets.

    That could've just been a lie to cover their tracks but honestly who knows Showcase has been known to not put a shit ton of backing money behind smaller projects like what TPB was expected to be back in the day.
  15. glad to see there are other fans round here of this awesome show.
  16. oh wow wasn't even aware they were doing more with the series nice!! I'm pretty excited for that now I love TPB
  17. Time to bump this thread for the United States Netflix (unsure about Canadian but I assume it was on there before here).. TPB Season 8 was added to it yesterday; very early in the morning. Bout to splurge for the first half of the 10 episodes right about now.
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