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  1. My topics aren't really original, but it creates discussion, so why not.


    Tl;dr - Guy has no issues with transgender people, but wouldn't date one. People accuse him of being transphobic.

    I see it as just being a personal preference. That's like a gay guy coming up to me and saying, "Would you like to be my boyfriend?" and I refuse to which he says, "Wow, you're homophobic. It's 2016, get with the times."

    Like, no, it's personal preference. I'm interested in women. Would I date a transgender person? No, but that's just my personal preference. I can see the argument of being attracted to one another if there were a situation, but that's debatable.
  2. I wont date black people, am I a racist because of it? No. It is just a preference. People need to stop being so damn sensitive. For the record, I wouldn't date transgender either because I wouldn't be attracted to that (physically). If someone wants to label me as being a bad person over what I am attracted to, oh well. It is like shaming a gay man for being attracted to men.
  3. I used to be like this until I meant civil, nice black girls. Not the one's that have attitude. (Although, most of them had fair skin so idk.)
  4. It isn't the actions/attitudes, it is the textures, the smells, ect. I like soft hair, soft pale skin, and so on. I also prefer colored eyes.
  5. As long as you can admit some are attractive, I'm alright with that. (Doesn't mean you have to date one.)
  6. Plenty of attractive black men and women out there. I just prefer what I said when it comes to dating. Not to say I would NEVER date a black person, I have... I just realized I didn't like it because of that. I have also dated lighted skinned/mixed as well. I prefer pale skin, soft hair, light smells, softer skin, and pigmented eyes. I don't know why but brown eyes are meh to me.
  7. Trans people suffer from severe mental illness. I'm not even talking about their condition. They have high suicide rates, are prone to depression...they aren't exactly "a catch", it's certainly hit or miss in the trans community, I would assume.

    I wouldn't date a trans person. It's not a chick with a dick, it's a man with tits. Not my thing. I'm not responsible for what turns me on. So no transphobia involved.

    ...but, you can apply the "I'm not responsible for what turns me on" logic to pedophilia, which I predict will happen in the near future, but that's a different story.
  8. idk why but caitlyn jenner makes me cringe. Just must be because of the racy shoots which I turn away from.
    And trust me, I have no issues with transgender.
  9. Uncanny valley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Something about him/her is off, which gives you that weird feeling whenever you see her.
  10. You are a man who is attracted to women... A man becoming a woman should make you cringe.
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  11. I wouldn't date a transgender person, because I'm into women only. I have nothing against trans people whatsoever, so as Punk said, it's just my personal preference.
  12. Transgender women and regular women are pretty different, just because they both look like women doesn't mean that's the case. Transgender women still have somewhat male predominant features, and that's a turn off to most straight guys. That doesn't mean said straight guy ought to be labeled as a transphobic, it's pretty stupid logic thinking about it.

    And yeah, the Caitlyn thing is just off. So you want to be a girl, but still be with girls? Why not just stick to dressing up on the down-low like they say he was doing?
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  13. Gender and sexuality aren't mutually exclusive things though. Just because she identifies as a woman it doesn't mean she has to like men. Not all women are into men.
  14. Caitlyn Jenner is not a "hero". :pity1:
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  15. But come on, in today's overly sensitive society, I'm not allowed to do so or else I'm transphobic.
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  17. Accepting and being involved are two completely different fields here. I can accept people can do whatever the fuck they want (lifestyle or whoever cares what else) as long as I don't have to be effected by it. You want to switch sides? Cool. Do I need to pretend something that isn't me to make you more comfortable?

    Fuck no. I like the thread for the discussion, but most people in the world now are so worried about how everyone feels about their fucking opinion.
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  18. I'm a trans-phobic racist who hates women and supports nazi culture according to the sensitives.:henry2:
  19. Exactly! We need to start passing out tampons with binkies and blankies.
  20. No, we need to ignore those fucks and keep doing what we do. Trolls and assholes obsessed with being PC White Knights can all get excluded from my line of sight.
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