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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Travis, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Name: Travis
    Age: 15
    Favourite Superstar & Why: I dont really watch to much wrestling now but when i do i like The Undertaker.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: I used to be a huge fan when i was younger.
    Favourite Wrestling Company: Smackdown
    How did you find the site?
    Will I be active here: Ill be as active as possible i also own a forum so ill try and be active here.
  2. Smackdown is a company playa?

    Welcome! :testify:
  3. I dont know whats the difference?
  4. Welcome to the site :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. Company: WWE
    Brand: SmackDown!

    But welcome to the site. :woo1:
  6. Oh then WWE
  7. Welcome Travis! :yay:

    I hope you stay! Many of us are wonderful. :smug:
  8. Welcome Travis, hope you stay with us buddy, this place is fantastic.....
  9. Welcome, kid. :idontcare:
  10. Welcome Travis, it's a great place to be!
  11. Welcome fella its a friendly site so stick around.
  12. Welcome to the forum Travis. Lemme guess, you are from FH?
  13. Welcome brah! :emoji_kissing_heart:*
  14. Welcome to the site :yes: hope you enjoy it here, this is a very friendly place :otunga:
  15. Define friendly :otunga:
  16. Shut up bitch :otunga:
  17. Very friendly :dawg:
  18. :gtfo:

    Show Spoiler
    I am joking of course. Welcome Travis! :otunga:
  19. :obama: Welcome buddy!!
  20. Hey yo, welcome Travis.
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