Trends You Hope Die Soon

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. List um.

    1.) Selfie Sticks
  2. Growth of humanity
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  3. Jabronis running their mouth about The Rock. :rock2:
  4. #hipstersgalore
  5. Trending
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  6. Selfies period. I know it's just a fun little thing that people have grown accustomed to doing without probably putting much thought into it, but it makes people look more self-absorbed and narcissistic than usual when they're so obsessed with taking pictures of themselves at random intervals during the day. Whether they're in front of a mirror, in their car, in the bathroom, in bed, on the computer, people seem to love snapping photos of themselves, sometimes even when they're naked.

    I'll also be glad when a lot of folks realize that using the word "hipster" as an insult anytime a person holds opinions that go against the grain makes them look stupid, especially considering that from an historical point of view, the majority of people who have ever lived period have been wrong about the things they knew (or thought they knew) and believed to be true.
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  7. Liberalism and SJW ****s running war on free speech.
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  8. Social Media and Selfies.
  9. I agree and I don't. Social Media is basically crap now but in context, a forum (Ehemmm WWEF) is a social media source. Places that are mainstream are the issue. You have a good chunk of people on there who do nothing but fish people for porn or ad bait, then you have whiny 12-18 year olds talking about how hard it is living at home and not having to pay for anything, and then the "famous people"... ugg it is a mess. I am on Twitter but I barely follow anyone and I don't even pay attention to the trends.

    And yes, the term selfies needs to die but unfortunately people are just too damn vain to stop taking pictures of themselves and referring to them as "selfies". Who ever thought of that term was probably a mid 20 something who was high or drunk at a party.
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    & yes I did quote myself. :stfu:
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  11. I concur about this selfie shit, was reading a article about a girl taking one in her bathroom and she sent it to her mother without realising that her dildo was in the shot and another idiot who was posing with his gun and thought he had unloaded only to shoot himself in the head while doing a selfie. Society in a sad state of affairs. This quest for attention.
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  12. I don't gotta problem with selfies. Just hate the term selfie.
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  13. Natural selection at it's finest.
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  14. "my mom" - The act teenage girls (and some boys.. eww) do by referring to someone they look up to or idolize as "mom".

    I hate this. So. Much. Make. It. Die. Please.
  15. I don't care how much a person likes taking pictures of themselves, heck, I do it! But you will never... and I mean EEEEVVVVEEEERRR hear me call it a fricking "selfie". People are turning it into this POS over jerked term that sounds like something a cat would puke up on your pillow while getting butt raped by a rabbit.
  16. Bias media that turns people into social media activists. This shit has always been around, only difference is everything is caught on film now. Nobody cared when they couldn't see a snippet about it, now they not only have that, but a platform to complain on. Really want to change something? Do it. Don't talk about doing it to fit in with everyone else on the topic. It's just a cry for attention, might as well say 'what about me!?'
  17. It is just more junk that divides people even more. As one unit, we can't be controlled, but as several separate smaller ones... Well, you do the math. Social media is no different than the news. Just gives us more reasons to hate each other.
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