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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. What do you think of TNA's new addition?
  2. He's a solid worker who's gotten a chance to shine since leaving WWE. But don't expect him in TNA long term right now since he isn't under contract. According to WWNlive (a company which books Trent and has become his home base since he left WWE) he's on a per appearance deal with TNA and him showing up on Dest X won't get in the way of his ongoing work with WWNLive and its promotions.

    Great to see him on TV again though, not so high on the name but I like the performer.
  3. Here's a picture:
  4. He's a very good worker, it's nice to see him wrestling again.
  5. Great to see him back in action.
  6. Trent Barretta is an awesome talent that WWE didnt even bother to use I hope TNA push him to the main event scene and show WWE what they missed out on
  7. He's not under TNA contract. How would they then push him to the moon? Also Trent is good but no way is he face of the company/top level talent in a company of TNA's scale.
  8. Wishing him all the best on jumping ship! :emoji_grin:
  9. I've been a growing fan of Trent? over these past few months. He's done a lot of more stuff than I expected since his release. BOSJ, PWG, TNA. I'm happy for him.
  10. Does nothing for me, honestly, and I doubt it does anything for the X DIvision.
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  11. honestly it's going to be manik's deal, i just have no idea how they book a decent run for the guy. Sanjay is in the RoH tourney, so he wont win, and this dude is on a pay per appearance deal.

    Looking like it's gonna be KennyKing back in the title picture (he will job)
  12. He's a fine worker and I'm happy to see him there, and they get big-time brownie points for not propping him up like "omg huge deal! Trent Baretta!" like they have with so many others who weren't (Chavo). But he should definitely be used as a "every now and then guy", at least for the moment. In other words, they can't let him win the title. (No spoilers please) TNA really has to get the stigma of "We'll treat any ex-WWE guy like a huge star!" off of them.

  13. Has WWE ever propped up a jobber like Baretta as if he was a huge deal? Chavo is lame, but he does have a decent resume in WWE/WCW before he came over at least.

    Who is the lamest WWE guy that TNA has pushed?
  14. I don't know, I just think that during a time where TNA are struggling to afford the costs of putting on shows, I'm not really sure why they need to be hiring a guy like him. He's a good worker, but TNA have plenty of better ones that need something to do.

  15. Like who? And he is on a pay per appearance, he isn't under contract.
  16. Every good thing Chavo did was ruined when he feuded with Hornswoggle.
    They went crazy like Tiffany was a big deal. Seem to remember the commentary overselling Knox and Gallows as well.

    None of these people have been pushed particularly hard based solely on their WWE runs (Taryn's matches have earned it) but the way they thought they were such big deals was just embarrassing.

  17. lol when was Knox or Gallows made to be a big deal? Did either even have a singles match in TNA?
  18. Will he not get any kind of weekly wage?

    Looking in the X Division there's guys like Sonjay, Petey, Christian York, Kenny King, Suicide or whatever his name is now. They're all decent workers and not really doing much just now. I don't really see what Trent offers that guys like them don't.

    There's probably a few more names in the X Division I'm forgetting as well.
  19. Christian York is a hack lol. Fuck him. Pretty sure Sonjay and Petey are also pay per appearance. Suicide is a cornball wrestler and King is the man, but he still needs more guys in the X Division.

    With the current corny ass set up of triple threat matches being spammed all over, they need more warm bodies to compete.
  20. I guess the whole pay per appearance does kind of change things.

    York's not the worst, although I always found him to be too big to actually pull off half the moves in his moveset.

    I dunno, Trent is decent, but when guys like Joey Ryan are being future endeavoured I find it strange that they're going after a guy like Barretta. Still, the whole pay per appearance means they don't even have to use him at all I guess.
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