Trent Barreta taking a shot at AJ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Trent Barreta re tweeted this tweet and it could be him taking a shot at his ex girlfriend AJ on how she was a nerdy girl who nobody liked in the company and then all of a sudden she got this push so yeah she obviously kissed alot of ass backstage and sucked too to get to where she is today. And dont any of you dare to bring Barbie into this as she has nothing to do with this thread

    Briley Pierce [email protected]

    Remember on The Office when the little nerdy intern nobody liked somehow got a promotion and then he instantly went on a huge power trip?
    Retweeted by Trent Barreta
  2. :lol1: Jealousy is a motherfucker.
  3. Kelly Kelly 2

    Hah. I went there even though you didn't want us too!!
  4. I thought that was Kelly Kelly who did the sucking? :troll:
  5. then he instantly went on a huge power trip?.... Aj a male , okay , I'm shocked , need to think about this..


    :facepalm: cheap ways to try to defend ur Barbie....
  6. Btw Trent is also a nerd and I think he got a big push long time ago , I do think that this tweet was for him
  7. So who here likes Jack in the Box? It's badass they serve breakfast all day, in matter of fact it's GOAT that they do.
  8. Carls Jr > :idontcare:

    But yeah, Jack In The Box is pretty solid. Better than McDonals :eww:
  9. Ehh I just wish McDonalds served breakfast all day, I like Mcsausages :sad1: Fucking clown
  10. Their nuggets are alright, that's about it though.

    In N Out :fap:
  11. Yeah eating mcdonalds breakfast for dinner would be awesome , oh btw the best thing ever is the 20 chicken mcnuggets share box , once I ate two of them in 1 hour :boss:


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    McDonalds or Burger King?
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  12. Yeah McDonald's food isn't really filling, I feel like I can eat their whole menu and still not be satisfied. and In N Out is nasty :eww:

  13. :stfu: & :gtfo:

  14. So is a white piece of trash taking shots at a white piece of trash?

    Oh the [​IMG]y
  15. That explains the Brad Maddox TV appearances also.
  16. KFC , SUBWAY ,Burger King or Macdo.?

    Please do not post stuf offtopic:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  17. AJ has clearly sucked Vince to get this push :vince:

  18. :yes:

    Vince is such a boss.
    OFFTOPIC : :finger:
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