Trent Barretta blasts Kofi on twitter!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Trent? [email protected]
    Now that I'm fired I can finally say it: Kofi Kingston is an asshole.

    ^^^ Trent tweeted this yesterday omg I really wanna know why hes tweeted this he so needs to dish the dirrt on why Kofi is an asshole
  2. Sounds like banter to me.
  3. Yeah, seems like banter. Like when he told Tyson Kidd that he was a 12 year old boy on twitter and wanted to meet him or something like that.
  4. Or maybe Kofi is just an asshole. We'll never know :hmm:
  5. I think he is joking. I cant imagine Kofi being arsehole
  6. You have to remember Kofi is close friends with CM Punk and has got the privillage of travelling on his tour bus while Trent had to slum it out in rental cars so maybe Trent is jealous Kofi has a good life on the road by riding in CM Punk's tour bus
  7. I think that's a rather wild assumption, I doubt Trent is that childish.
  8. LoL no , if his account wasn't hacked . I'm gonna say that trent was just drunk
  9. Sounds like jelousy. If Kofi was an asshole, Punk wouldn't have him on his tour bus I doubt..
  10. and CM Punk isn't an asshole?
  11. Being an asshole and an arrogant opinionated asshole are two different things, my friend :otunga:
  12. They both have the word asshole in it, there for it is a variation of asshole. Therefore it is an asshole. :pity:
  13. Indeed, but CM Punk is both.
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