Ring of Honor Trent? Pulled From Evolve 38; Announces He's Headed To ROH

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  1. Davey Richards replaces Trent at Evolve 38.

    I'd also imagine Bryan Cage replacing Trent full time in the P.A.B.
  2. Hehe, Gabe. Weren't he and that paramedic grabbing each other's throats few years ago? Nevermind, I just realized he worked for Gabe Enterprises in the meantime (that laughable AR Fox match!), which was supposed to be Davey's farewell before going to not-major leagues.

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  3. They announced last night on ROH 13th that he will be tag teaming with Ray Rowe I believe? I can't remember who the guy was as guest commentator but I believe it was Rowe.. it was someone who kept having teammates leave him at then they poked fun at him for that.
  4. It was Rocky Romero. About as far you can come from big burly biker Rowe as possible since Rocky is a small Cuban.

    FYI. Trent's new ring name is Beretta.
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  5. Lol yeah my bad, two RR names and both were at the show last night so I got them mixed up haha.
  6. Yes, Trent is going to team up with an "all time great" Rocky Romero.
  7. Rocky Maivia, Rocky Romero. Same guy right?
  8. Hack Maivia has nothing on the Chaos' not-bruiser.
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