News Trent Reznor is Against Youtube

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor is the latest artist to join the music industry’s war of words with YouTube, attacking Google’s video service over the role it plays for musicians.

    “I find YouTube’s business to be very disingenuous. It is built on the backs of free, stolen content and that’s how they got that big,” said Reznor in an interview with Billboard.

    Reznor was not speaking purely as an artist, however. He is also chief creative officer at Apple Music, the streaming service launched by Apple in 2015, which is one of the key rivals to YouTube in the digital music world.

    “I think any free-tiered service is not fair. It’s making their numbers and getting them a big IPO and it is built on the back of my work and that of my peers. That’s how I feel about it. Strongly,” said Reznor, widening his criticism to other rivals like Spotify in the process.

    Analysis Why is the music industry battling YouTube and what happens next?
    Labels are facing off with Google’s video service over revenues and rights, yet it’s also their biggest partner for streaming music.

    YouTube has faced a barrage of criticism from musicians and music-industry bodies in 2016, as part of a campaign in the US and Europe to rework copyright legislation that grants the service “safe harbour” status when users upload copyrighted material without the permission of the rights owners.

    Rightsholders have also argued that YouTube’s vast catalogue of free music could impede the growth of paid music-streaming subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify’s premium tier – important context to Reznor’s comments, given his role.

    In its most recent public statement, following an open letter to Alphabet boss Larry Page from rock band Sixx:AM, YouTube indicated that the criticism is having an impact on the company’s plans.

    “The voices of the artists are being heard, and we’re working through details with the labels and independent music organisations who directly manage the deals with us,” a spokesperson said.

    “Having said that, YouTube has paid out over $3bn (£2.1bn) to the music industry, despite being a platform that caters to largely light music listeners who spend an average of one hour per month consuming music – far less than an average Spotify or Apple Music user. Any comparisons of revenue from these platforms are apples and oranges.”

    Following Reznor’s criticism, YouTube issued a new statement addressing his comments.

    “The overwhelming majority of labels and publishers have licensing agreements in place with YouTube to leave fan videos up on the platform and earn revenue from them. Today the revenue from fan uploaded content accounts for roughly 50 percent of the music industry’s YouTube revenue,” said a spokesperson.

    “Any assertion that this content is largely unlicensed is false. To date, we have paid out over $3 billion to the music industry – and that number is growing year on year.”

  2. I wonder if he's ever stopped to think about how many people might have stumbled across a Nine Inch Nails song on YouTube and then went and bought a couple of his albums?
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  3. I know that if I come across an old song it makes me want to dig out old CD's so I think he is just reacting like all the other people who cried over pirating songs, as if their millions have been hurt by it or something.
  4. Pretty sure Spotify is worse than YT at the moment.
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  5. Pretty sure Trent Reznor is culturally irrelevant
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  6. Pretty sure piracy will never be exterminated. People should just get over it.
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  7. Pretty sure this is turning into a trend.. thanks Shadow. :notsure:
  8. Pretty sure that you asked for it, starting a thread about some nobody. He's no Kanye.:kanye4:
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  9. Pretty much. I mean YouTube even pays record labels. Whether that money goes back to the artists I'm not sure about, and probably doubt to be honest.

    You can't stop piracy, but just because someone pirates something doesn't mean they aren't going to buy it. I download tons of albums and if I like them, chances are I'm going to go buy the album.

    I like you and your music Trent Reznor, don't become a douche.
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  10. Yes, but it's not getting mass market sales. That's what Trent is saying here.
  11. So he's not allowed to have his opinion. Right.
  12. I can kind of understand where artists are coming from tbh. Even underground bands/artists hate when they're music is shared without permission/pirated and it's not like they're losing millions of dollars because of it. But I also agree with Wizard. If not for Youtube and such, I wouldn't have discovered a lot of bands which means I never would've bought the CDs/LPs I own. People should try and support the artists when they can though, well unless they're greedy Jews like Metallica :pity1: .
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  13. That's not a lie. Artists get pennies from Spotify, lol.
  14. Seriously. Fuck Lars Ulrich, lol. What a douche.
  15. Seriously. Metallica as as a whole have become pretty shitty (not just musically).
  16. That's true. I kinda feel bad for Kirk and their most recent bass player, Lars and James were real assholes for a while. Don't keep track of the band now so I dunno
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  17. Same I stopped caring about them a long time ago.
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