Tribute to 9/11 (Live footage)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. It's just really hard to watch this... knowing all of the people that died from this, and all of the others that were mentally affected by this.. It's insane. I'm just glad I didn't live in NYC when that happened.

  2. Good video man. Ill just leave personal feelings to myself.
  3. I feel you man. It's hard to watch.
  4. No, i have a lot of hate because of what has happened due to the event. Firefighters/police/anyone at ground zero deserve way more appreciation than they are getting from it. The troops deserve every bit of respect they get, but i'm tired of things like the patriot act/war overseas being okay because of what has happened in 9/11. For now ill leave it at that, disagree and we can have the discussion in a fair and intellectual way. Sorry in advance to those who expect people to roll over, Those who died lost their lives for something i believe could have been avoided.
  5. It absolutely could've and should've been avoided. As for the rescue workers and all the volunteers afterwards, they've never gotten anywhere NEAR the recognition they deserve. All the guys who ended up with cancer and shit from the massive clean up effort... and what happened? They were completely overlooked by the government on both state and federal levels. 11 years later and it was announced that the government would pay for the treatment of 50 volunteers who ended up with cancer. 50.
    Let me say that again.... 50.

    That's SO fucking wrong.
    I think all 50 of those guys should deny any and all financial assistance. Tell the government that if they can't help EVERYONE then they can take their money and shove it up their ass. That's what I'd do.
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