Triple H’s New Direction For Developmental, Backstage RAW News

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 14, 2012.

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  2. I don't like that development idea. Not a good decision in my opinion, indy wrestlers are already ready for wrestling, so instead they'll just get guys green as hell and make them wrestlers because they look more like superstars? So HHH has Vince's mindset for business too. :downer:

    Guys from other sports instead of wrestlers... we know what happened with Stanislaus Zbyszko and Wayne Munn. :burns:
  3. It could be a good move. The Rock and Brock Lesnar are both beasts but they got cut from the NFL. Brock got cut, imagine if WWE had someone who made the NFL in WWE. Ever more of a beast than Lesnar.
  4. More often than not that is a very bad move. Both Brock and Rock are bad examples of why this should work. Rock comes from a wrestling family. He had access to top notch wrestling training and grew up in the industry, knowing more about the industry at age 18 than most guys at age 25 working in it. Brock also made the jump from wrestling to football. Not the other way around. He was a competitive amateur wrestler before joining the WWE.

    Both these guys were trained wrestler or had a good understanding of the business before being turned into WWE wrestlers. Taking a big guy from the NFL to the WWE does not equal a instant success. They will most likely be stiff, non charismatic and their ring skills will take years to develop. The counterpoint to Vince's and Trip's views is main eventing WWE right now. Punk and Bryan hardened their craft for years on the indie scene before coming to WWE. As did Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno, Antonio Cesaro and many other now in FCW or on the indie scene. Guys that are classified as the future of the business by virtually everybody but Vince, Hunter and their yes men.
  5. Hopefully TNA gets Ted Turner-esque person to get them bumped up moneywise to compete in the ratings, because Bork is like Angle, and Rocky is a 3rd generation superstar. I don't want to see how a basketball/football/baseball player changed into a superstar within months just because of how they look. We don't want the male versions of Kelly Kelly chosen based on the superstar look.
  6. This is so bad, so so bad. More Mason Ryan's and less Daniel Bryan's.
  7. Right on the spot. :upset:
  8. Horrible idea. Vince needs to understand what the fans want and go with that. HHH just wants to get big bodybuilders in the show so that he will look more impressive in his own mind when he makes random matches to go over them.
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