Triple H added to No Way Out

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Serious business. If Brock turns up, I'll markymark.
  2. :shovel: :bury:

    Whoat, you wanted actual comment? :haha:
  3. I expected the two legendary triple H smilies to be posted here :boss1:
  4. inb4Randy comes and says they will have a match and Bork Lasers will fight Punk for the all American beer drinking title at Summerslam :cena:
  5. I think only Paul Heyman will show up but i hope Brock does also.
  6. I markymark for Heyman so hard so I wouldn't mind.
  7. I saw the title and then was all :upset:, then read about Heyman and was all :otunga:
  8. F##k Lawyer stuff. This is wrestling! Things are supposed to be settled with voilence!
  9. Heyman though.. :okay:
  10. give him a steel chair and let him play whack-a-mole with anyone who gets in his way
  11. I'm really hoping Lesnar will show up. If he doesn't I'll be annoyed. I'm just expecting Paul Heyman to turn up and nobody else....
  12. Markymarking as this pretty much guarentees a Heyman appearance and possibly even a Lesnar one.
  13. BB @[R'Albin], @[Vince McMahon] chose the WWE bot (Botty) than meeeee.....

    I love you. :true:
  14. Err.. not sure what this has to do with NWO, but.. okay! :otunga:
  15. Yay! Suck it @[Vince McMahon]! :yay:

  16. :upset::upset::upset::upset: BABY I LOVE YOU .. THE THREE OF US CAN BE TOGETHER
  17. No, because Farooq told me she was pregnant with HIS twins! ://

    OK, back to the topic: Hope he buries no one. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
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  18. Let's see who's buried. :bury:

    No, seriously. It'll probably be an interesting segment to develop the storyline since they're putting it on PPV, either Heyman or Lesnar will appear, for sure.
  19. Hes going to call out heyman and or brock and talk about the law suit and possibly buried some one
  20. Heyman being there will make the PPV at least a 5/10.
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