Triple H And Seth Rollins To Feud?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, May 24, 2015.

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    I'd be down for this.

    After Rollins loses to Lesnar (most likely) at SummerSlam, then that loss to Brock could be a trigger for a face turn.
    e.g. The next night on RAW, Trips is mad at Rollins for not being able to retain the title the night before, Hunter hits Seth and the feud is set. (Or perhaps they could be saving it for Mania 32)
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  2. HHH stealing the belt from Seth is perfect. Do it pls
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  3. Seems a bit like someone just bullshitting. There are legitimate ideas here. But it seems like "Oh he's using the same move, obviously they are going to feud" rather than looking at it like a mentor passes down a move to his protege.
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  4. I've only seen a couple of his pedigree attempts, but if they were any indication Rollins just needs to stop using it
  5. There's been some stuff here where they've teased it, but don't see him using the Pedigree really being it. Eventually he might be tired of Rollins running his mouth, too.

    Plus, as we saw in Wrestling Isn't Wrestling, Triple H's inferiority complex coming out on Rollins would be cool stuff. Plus it would get me behind Rollins again lol

    Besides, from his love on NXT, maybe Triple wants to be a face authority figure anyway?
  6. Not gonna lie, I have 0 interest in this happening anytime soon.
  7. How about Seth loses at Summerslam, and HHH takes it the next month from Bork (for his next offseason) kicking Rollins out of The Authority, beating Ambrose and Reigns, before setting up their huge match at WM. You could have a Triple threat at the RR with Brock winning and the Authority screwing themselves, or some other random angle. I'd love to see HHH, Bork will be in the title match again next year, and at least HHH can still go. It works for me.
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  8. This would be a great feud. Only if triple h is turning face which I don't see happening soon. He's a great heel and Rollins is just now cementing his heel legacy as champion. There's no reason for them to feud as of now. Later? Perhaps.
  9. I don't want to see it happening anytime soon, but it's inevitable that a rivalry will happen between them at some point. Their careers have been intrinsically linked for about a year now and counting, and considering how high HHH is on Rollins (i.e. he sees different hybrids of both himself as well as his best friend Shawn Michaels in him) and how he's even officially passed his finisher down to him, it's easy to envision a program between them say within a year or two. If I actually thought Triple H might be retiring anytime soon, I might even say Hunter would have his final match against Rollins (as it stands, he may end up retiring against Seth much later down the road anyway, provided he actually has an official retirement match at some point.) Other than Roman Reigns, there isn't anyone that HHH would probably love to put over more in a one-on-one match than Seth Rollins.
  10. Anything that involves yet another Brock vs HHH match is a terrible idea. And not that I would put it past plausibility for Brock to win the title again some day, but I highly doubt that he'll be walking out of Summerslam as champion.
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  11. That's where I disagree. I can see Brock walking out of summerslam as champion. Especially after he signed the part time deal till 2020. The only way Brock won't win... Is if WWE finally decided to put the belt on roman.
  12. 2020? Everything I've read says his contract is for three more years, not five.

    Anyway, as I said, I could see Brock winning the title again at some point, I just don't see it happening again this year. One of the main reasons why is because I figure they'll want to do Brock vs Roman II at Wrestlemania in Dallas next year with the title on the line, and I figure the set-up for that is more likely to be Reigns defending the title against Lesnar (instead of the other way around) after Reigns defeat Seth at some point by then, and after Brock wins the 2016 Royal Rumble. I don't see them using the same exact formula for getting there as they did last year (i.e. Brock winning the title at Summerslam, runs through all of his challengers until Roman wins the Rumble and beats him for it at Mania.)
  13. I agree, although it could be short and sweet. Seth is set to face Bork, Kane/the DOA at the time changes it to vs HHH with Rollins as Ref?

    I'm just throwing out Ideas, we know Bork will be there to setup SS but will disappear after and it doesnt matter why. Have him feud with rollins and the authority before being cheated out at the final minute, the match would be more of the humbling of Rollins, making him prove his true place in the Authority - ie He might really be the future, but The Authority are the present.
  14. How exactly would that work in regard to the championship being on the line, though?

    Now that you mention it though, I think Triple H making himself the Special Referee for the match between Brock and Rollins would be an intriguing idea. I wouldn't mind if they took a page out of the Austin/Dude Love feud from Over The Edge '98 and just decorated the entire match with members of The Authority as a way of stacking the odds against Lesnar in every conceivable way - HHH as the Special Referee who promises to "call it right down the middle", Big Show as the Special Enforcer who's job is to "keep anyone from interfering" (in reality, he's there to make extra sure that Seth remains champion... I would consider Kane for this role since he's the Director Of Operations and all, but I figure he will have already turned babyface by this point and put Rollins over), and maybe even J&J Security as the Special Guest Ring Announcer and Time Keeper. It's something that could be cool anyway, especially when the whole lot of them realize at a certain point near the end of the match (when things start to get really hectic and out of control) that even all of this may not be enough to keep Brock down.
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  15. Sorry, it's 3, thought I read "5."

    Well, Brock has a track record at summerslam and we all know he's coming back for that ppv. As far as I know, Brock is 4-1 at summerslam. It seems to be his ppv. Much like hell in a cell is said to be triple h's match.

    I just don't see Brock coming back a this ppv to lose. Even if he's cheated, still eating a loss doesn't make sense for him. I do feel that roman will have the belt again... And he will still be the one to beat Brock one on one at mania 32. But, I still see Brock having to defend it against roman again. It would make roman look bigger, too. He has to try and overcome what he couldn't do last year.

    This would mean that roman would have to win the rumble again, which may be the case. I do like your idea of Brock winning the rumble and that might happen, but I guess this all depends on where WWE wants to go.
  16. All of that is exactly what has me convinced that Lesnar isn't walking out with the championship. Seth's odds of going up against Brock and surviving with the title still intact look astronomically slim on paper (I'm speaking from a kayfabe perspective here), but whenever the odds are stacked against a heel this high, they usually tend to find a way to slip away victorious at the end regardless.

    Examine JBL's WWE Championship reign from 2004-05 as a good reference point. Even though their personalities are different, JBL's character was the same type of conniving, cowardly heel that Rollins is now, and anytime the odds seemed too great against JBL, he always managed to pull out a victory at the end regardless. He's in a Last Ride match against Undertaker where he can't just get himself disqualified like he did at Summerslam, Heidenreich interferes and saves him. He's in a non-elimination fatal-four way match against three guys who hate him, he manages to slip away with the victory anyway. He's trapped inside a Barbed Wire Steel Cage with the Big Show, he manages to just barely sneak by victorious again. The formula of Seth's title reign is pretty similar - he's trapped in a steel cage with Orton, but he retains. He's in a fatal-four way match with three men who despise him (where, like JBL, he doesn't have to take the pinfall to lose the title), he manages to win again. He's up against the likes of Brock Lesnar at the same event where Brock both decimated John Cena last year and made Seth's mentor HHH tap out a couple of years before that, and... well, you know the rest.
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    I honestly agree with a lot of what you say; however, when it comes to Brock, you can't really compare him to anyone else. It's hard to do so. No matter what story he's in. Because he's truly unpredictable.

    Every since he snapped the streak and beat cena in the fashion he did...well, it was truly unexpected and everyone, hardcore fans and not, were thrown for a loop.

    This is not to say that we can't reflect on what history has taught us and apply it to Rollins reign... Sure, we can do that. But, now we have Brock... And as history has shown with him... As of late, he's just that damn good and may just dominate not only Seth... But all of the authority as well. I can foresee a triple threat rematch at summerslam... But I also see Brock winning.
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  19. I have a feeling Rollins will win and sheamus will cash in as triple h helps him. But what about Brock?
  20. That'd be shades of SummerSlam 2013.

    For all we know, Bork could end up facing Kevin Owens.
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