News Triple H and Vince McMahon Reportedly Push Samoa Joe to Sign a Full-Time WWE Contract

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    - Samoa Joe has reportedly signed a full-time deal with WWE after impressing everyone at the recent NXT TV tapings. Joe's merchandise sales from his first WWE t-shirt were so "off the charts" that Vince McMahon and Triple H pushed to get him signed to a full-time deal.

    Joe will reportedly fulfill his indie dates that are already scheduled but will be working a full-time WWE schedule, likely with NXT before going to the main roster.

  2. Joe vs Owens in a classic fat guy match? Count me in! :happy:
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  3. Ahh should've done a search for Samoa Joe, didn't notice this thread because it started with Triple H and Vince whoopsy!

    Well it's good he'll fulfill his obligations even while working a full WWE schedule.
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  4. Glad to see Joe coming to the WWE, and still doing his stuff with the indies for now. Wonder what they have planned for him.
  5. I'm glad to see him finally coming to WWE, but I wish they'd signed him back around the 2002-2004 period when he was first interested.
  6. I've always loved the "Joe's gonna kill you" chant, even when I am not rooting for Joe. I dunno, I just think it's a neat chant. Sort of like the "You Suck" chant that we used to do with Angle's music. I never once thought Angle sucked, but I chanted along just for the experience. As even TNA's biggest crowds couldn't compare to some of Raw's smallest crowds, I would be interested to see if a large arena will get the chant going. Same thing for Sami Zayn when he is up in the main roster, hearing the Ole chant in a big arena might give it a different, not necessarily better, but different feeling.
  7. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I'm glad about this.
  8. Meltzer says they didn't sign him full time because of the merchandise. But because ROH hit national TV. They don't want Joe on national cable with ROH but wouldn't have been able to stop it on the old deal.

    No info yet on what will happen with the 6/20 match, but it is expected to go on as planned due to the deal in place when it was booked.
  9. So much for freelancing.
  10. I would say around 2008 would have been the ideal time for Joe to make the jump to WWE.
  11. Two new (little) updates:

    Update On Samoa Joe Working Indie Dates, Is Joe Booked For Tonight's WWE SmackDown?

    More Backstage News On Samoa Joe Signing A New WWE Contract, Ring Of Honor's Deal Playing A Factor

    I'm pretty stoked for his run both in NXT and on the main roster. Should be a good ride.
  12. It's 2015 and people are interested in Samoa Joe. Short term memory FTW.
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