Triple H at RAW tomorrow.

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  1. So we all know he's going to be there, considering Johnny said he will reveal what he and Triple H talked about, and my question is what do you think it will be?
  2. Something to do with the main event tonight. Or a mega-swerve.
  3. Brocks Demands will be Revoked Brock almost Fired Feud with HHH
  4. Could be.

    HHH then buries Brock.
  5. It will not be anything about Cena or i hope not
  6. Yah quite possibly. The way he threw those referees today..
  7. I'm not sure what he'll do, but i hope it's big and regards Brock Lesnar.
  8. I hope he don't come out and bury people. Think everyone know it's regarding Brock Lesnar, just interested to see what they're going to say/do.
  9. I think it involves him and Lesnar.

    I really hope it's a feud, but it won't happen. :upset:
  10. Probably something to do with Brock Lesnar. There was also the rumor of announcing Triple H-Shawn Michaels for Wrestlemania 29 a year in advance the night after WM28 but they delayed it because they signed Brock Lesnar and wanted to end the show with his arrival instead (and Rock opened up the show with his speech so they couldn't announce it at the beginning either.) So, it could also be that.
  11. 90% chance it has to do with Lesnar. Calling it in advance.
  12. Coming back to give Teddy Long his Job! YES! HOLLA PLAYER!

  13. I heard they want to put Lesnar over HHH to make him look strong. Why? Couldn't he just beat Cena at, you know, this match where he left the guy bloodied, battered and all?
  14. No it got Cena again b/c Brock lose to Cena so Brock look weck now so that have am that have a match at OTL and Brock beat him. I think HHH is coming b/c he piss Johnny for getting Brock all the power want. And b/c of that John will lose job as GM and he will get the job back to Teddy! HOLLA PLAYER!

  15. Brock just is going to feud with hhh I called it in qadvance
  16. I don't think Cena will wrestle Brock again, but you never know.
  17. Randy. Did you not see the PPV? Cena says he's going away. Plus WWE has reported that his arm really is injured so he could be gone a long time.
  18. Well, Brock may have been buried, but at least he fucked Cena's arm in the process. :haha:
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