Triple H & Authority "Re-Unite" 'The Shield'

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Aug 21, 2015.

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  1. Depending on how Summer Slam goes, here's an idea. Now suppose on the next RAW, Triple H and Steph come out to their music. TH puts a finger to his mouth and goes "Shhhhhhhh." He then turns to the back stage and says out loud, 'Seth Rollins, would you please come out." Rollins comes out to his music and TH points to a spot and says "Shhhhh." Then, he says out loud, "Roman Reigns, would you please come down?" Roman comes from the top of the stadium to the center of the stage, scowling at Seth, whom scowls back. Before Roman can say a word, TH goes "Shhhhhhh." And then speaks into his mike.."Dean Ambrose, please come out here." Ambrose appears to his music and goes to the far side of the stage. **Then,** Triple H drops his bombshell. "Gentlemen. For tonight, and one night only - 'The Shield' will re-unite!" Needless to say, the three ex Shield members start arguing. Triple H goes "Shhhhh," And proceeds. "Gentlemen, you **will** fight as a team tonight, or else!" Rollins yells "Oh yeah?!?!" To which TH replies, "Oh yeah. You see Seth, if you do not fight as a team tonight, you lose your belt." Then TH turns to Roman & Dean. "And you gentlemen, if *you* don't fight tonight, you will forefit any future matches for one full year. " TH then turns to all three and address's them and the audience. "Tonight, one one night only(TH winks,) 'The Shield' will participate in a three way tag match against "New Day!" Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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  2. Riveting.
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  3. This is a little more humane than the rest of the wild stuff you post... I was expecting blood everywhere lol
  4. It would be an interesting segment but if the shield were to reunite I would only accept if Seth tells The Authority to shut the **** up. HHH gets angry get's in rollins face *Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta*
  5. Alpha Foxtrot Bravo 4, Gulf, Gulf, Yankee. Net control for this evening; no stations heard, monitering. Out.
  6. Hey, *what if* CENA Turns heel after telling Rollins, " You remember what The Authority has previously said, ' They *always* have a back up plan,' and then knocks Rollins silly and wins as Triple H & Steph look on and smile. :emoji_wink:
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  7. it was good until you said Cena....NEVER happening....
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