Triple H High on Two WWE stars

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  1. It's not a secret that Triple H thinks highly of McGillicutty, he has a very good future within the WWE, I'm sure.
  2. McGillicutty and Mcintyre could both become decent midcard heels, I don't see them any higher than that though.
  3. Thought they were high on McGillicutty, since they haven't had him take Ryback squashes, or job to Sin Cara, they've just left the guy off TV so he can improve in the ring. They've got a real future star there and are doing a nice job protecting it.

    As for Drew, I'll believe it when I see it. The guys on commentary love to talk about "Drew's got all the tools to succeed, but he just needs to put it together and not get too frustrated" so I guess it'll be believable to the casuals if they try to push the guy again, but we'll see.
  4. He's improved leaps and bounds on the mic. I still remember the genesis of McGillicuty promo which was GOD awful.
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  5. Hopefully they will let Michael change his name to what he wants it to be
  6. I would just prefer it if they give him his real last name.
  7. Oh I thought it was going to be a picture of Triple H with Rob Van Dam and Evan Bourne :dawg:

    Well they are getting Michael ready, new gimmick and everything so that's good. As for Drew, don't believe it. Letting him job and that crap, seems false to me.
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  8. LOL :obama:
  9. Awesome. Two talented young guys with lots of potential, they should repackage McGillicutty as Joe Hennig already and do something with him, and Drew also deserves a push in my opinion. Very nice to know HHH is high on them.
  10. Yeah Michael's name is painfully bad.
  11. After falling so low does drew have a chance at going back up again ? :O
  12. Yes, if they do it right. Have him go back to Smackdown get a few wins against Tyler and Reks, Zack Ryder, people like that. Then you're in business.
  13. im not really a fan of drew i just hate seeing a promising career go to waste
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