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If you want to get Triple H to crack a smile just ask him anything about NXT.

Triple H has always been NXT’s biggest advocate, and that trend has continued as the brand moved to cable TV over the past several weeks.

Speaking with TV Insider during a media scrum at the Performance Center, Triple H gave some interesting answers when comparing NXT on USA to WWE’s other TV properties.

“If I wanted to make it Raw and SmackDown, I would have already done it. But there is no intent in doing that, and there is no benefit in doing that. I feel in some way we are that band that signs with a major record label, but we’re not going to change what we do.”
Triple H would double down on his music analogy and say now that NXT is on the USA network he has no intention of turning it into ‘pop music’.

With one week of head to head ratings competition between NXT and AEW in the books, Triple H stated both WWE and USA were pleased with the numbers. The Game would also add in some long-term goals for his black and gold brand.

“When those ratings came out after the first episode came out, I spoke to Chris McCumber [president, entertainment networks] at USA, and they were thrilled beyond what they were hoping for and expecting. Now it has becomes what we do, and I want to grow it bigger I learned early in the process of NXT when someone suggested we go to Barclays Center for a TakeOver, and it was the first thing I balked at when it was thrown at me. I was almost resistant to doing it, and it sold out immediately. It made me get to thinking outside the box and thinking bigger than this. I want to this every bit as a brand to where in some manner I want it to be bigger than Raw and SmackDown on a certain level.”
Spotting Raw a 25-year-history and with SmackDown landing a major network TV deal with Fox, for NXT to top either one of those brands would spell a huge change in the industry. It will take time, but maybe pro wrestling fans can be conditioned to view Wednesdays as the new number one night on TV.

Combining AEW and NXT viewership numbers, maybe there will be a day where the former developmental surpasses Raw or SmackDown?

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