Triple H Or Shawn Michaels?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. Which of the due was the greater?
    The better performer?

    Which one did more for the business?
    Which one had the bigger impact?

  2. As good as Shawn was nothing he did touched HHH in 00, HBK was better overall but that year was the best from either of them.
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  3. Shawn Michaels in everything. Although, Trips' 2000 run is better than anything HBK's ever done.
  4. Shawn Michaels is the better performer and the slightly better talker. He was also a better baby face, but HHH was the better heel (his run in 2000, for example.)
  5. Shawn was always better. :bury:
  6. As much as I dislike him personally, you can't deny what Michaels accomplished.
  7. HBK has always made HHH look better imo.
    They kind of played off of each other but I never liked HHH without DX,
    but I liked HBK without it so my vote goes for the Heart Break Kid!
  8. Anyone remember the original plan for WM29 this year was for HBK and HHH to do a one year build starting the night after WM28 and have their one last encounter to see who the better man really was? Shame we're not getting that now (Brock signing with the company messed it up, although I love Brock.)
  9. I highly doubt that was going to happen anyways tbh.
  10. It was plausible, considering them wondering 'who the better man was' was a small part of the build towards the HIAC match at WM this year.
  11. However, they only had one great match between each other.
  12. They had two great matches - Summerslam 2002 and their 2003 Raw match. Their 3 stages of hell match was boring, as was their last man standing match. Their Taboo Tuesday match was barely even a match. I'm sure at a Wrestlemania they would bring their A game and put on the best match they ever had with each other.
  13. I'm a bigger HHH mark but I also really like HBK, I'd say overall Michaels was the best performer but I'll give HHH the edge as talker, when he really puts effort into his promos they're great.
  14. As far as in ring performance goes Shawn Michaels will always be better than Triple H. I think both have a good way of doing in ring storytelling very well, but Shawn has that as well as his ability. Neither are good on the mic IMO, they have their moments, but it's not consistent enough for me. Shawn did carry the company on his bad back, high as hell of course in the mid 90's, but it wasn't much of a run because it got away so quick. Triple H on the other hand was IMO the biggest heel of the 90's going on into the modern era, stopping in around 09 or so. Plus Triple H will be heading the company soon or at least have sort of controlling aspect of it, so I think Triple H has made the greater impact in the business although Shawn is the better performer.
  15. HBK but Triple H is awesome and no disrespect
  16. HBK is the best performer by far HHH is just good at burrying people.
  17. HBK has buried plenty of guys too.
  18. Re: RE: Triple H Or Shawn Michaels?

    Haven't you heard, we don't mention anything before 02. The Vader thing never happened shhhh.
  19. :true:
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