News Triple H pushing for relevant midcard belts

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. How often have we been promised this? Wait and see seems the smart thing to go.
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  2. I'm all for it. Slap the belts on Daniel Bryan and John Cena, I'm all for it. Now the question I have is, after the two lose the belts, will the superstars after them be able to keep the titles relevant? Cena and Bryan can bring much needed attention to the belts, but they need to maintain them with each reign.
  3. Couldn't agree more that putting the US title on Cena and the IC title on Bryan is going to bring back the relevance to those titles...
    But as far as Lesnar retaining goes, I don't think it's hapenning. But it wouldn't surprise me if he signed a new deal, though.
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  4. While as a wrestler, I don't hate Triple H, but I certainly don't like him either. Mainly since there was this "reign of terror" from late 2002-2005 that we all had to sit through, the Jericho burial, the Booker T incident at WM XIX and even the Katie Vick thing, but as a office guy that has control over certain things in WWE, I just can't get enough of him. I love the way he's running NXT and trying to make the main roster shows better by pushing for what he knows is right for the business in the long run
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  5. I...cant say I care to much. I expect to see either Reigns or Rollins leaving with the belt. Who else can really challenge Lesnar at this point? Cena and Bryan would be midcard champions, and God please don't bring in Show or Kane.
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  6. I just don't see Lesnar walking out as champion. I actually want Rollins to cash in, whether it's on Reigns or on Lesnar.

    LOL Kane and Show.
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    Orton, Sheamus, Wyatt, and maybe even Ryback
  8. Sounds like a good idea.
  9. HHH is spot on with this idea.. however I doubt this will be a longterm thing, I'm thinking maybe a year just to get the fans interest back in them and then they're going to go back to jobbers & up and comers competing for them and holding them.
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  10. Reigns losing won't happen. They didn't hve the guy beat Bryan, win the rumble, etc, just to lose.

    I like the 2 mid card titles being bigger. Good idea.

    But Bryan should be bigger than what he is.
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  11. That makes two of us, hopefully it'll happen as soon as the next year.
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  12. I mean they can bring "legitimacy" to these titles without forcing Bryan to mid card when he's clearly main event. People feel that just because he main vented last year... He can't this year and he's fine in the mid card.

    No fucking way. This guy is over with merchandise, fans, and can wrestle as well as talk. Why the hell would he just hold the IC title?? After beating all of evolution last year. Cenas career is kind of in veteran status where he can compete mid-upper and still have some entertaining feuds. DB is supposed to be rising, like reigns, and now he's held back lol.
  13. Well, IF HHH is pushing for mid belt greatness then DB is a great guy for it. The situation we're looking for here is for DB to bring the IC title up, and not for the IC title to bring him down. I'm sure IC Champ Daniel Bryan could do main and semi-main PPV matches with some good opponents.
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  14. To be honest, I'm quite excited for the forth coming future. Even though Reigns losing might mean he's going down the same road as guys like Luger (irrelevant) who was basically a opener on every show after WrestleMania X. But I like the idea of having meaningful midcard titles.
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  15. what a novel concept
  16. Well I know what they're looking for but should/would wwe take stone cold Steve Austin in his prime after just headlining your previous mania and just give him the IC title? To bring it up? No I don't think so.

    I get the logic I suppose. But why not let dean Ambrose get it? Ziggler? My point is that others can bring it up as well. And Bryan is just too large for that. Again, he should be fighting the rock at mania or have a headlining match.

    IM mainly saying this because they're forcing reigns into what I feel should Bryan's spot. Nonetheless, I feel the point is valid that Bryan is clearly that stone cold Steve Austin face, not reigns.
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  17. As much as I'd love DB in the ME scene, him going for the IC title is actually gonna bring the prestige and relevance back to that strap.

    If he wins it at Mania (and quite frankly I don't see anyone else other than DB or Ambrose winning it), they could have him rolling with it for like 6 months and much like Jay Lethal in ROH, either DB/Ambrose can come out and say the IC title is the most prestigious title in WWE, etc...
  18. Idk if this will exactly be the case though. I mean do we really feel that DB holding the IC title for a while and then dropping it to whomever is going to make it bigger? Meanwhile we have reigns shoved down our necks? Idk possibly. To me, someone else could just easily bring "prestige". The issue with these mid card titles was lack of good story lines and emphasis at mania and bigger PPV's. That's the issue with most titles that fall by the way side. Hell, dean Ambrose could've done this with US Title a while back but he barely defended it.

    I mean I get the logic. However, DB need to be main event and someone else can help build up this title. I know Cena is a good guy because he's proven all he needs to prove and done it all, makes sense.

    DB is still trying to prove a lot. Let him main event.
  19. There's plenty of time for both Bryan and Reigns to main event and switch back to midcard when they aren't being used by the Brass Ring Club.
    Perhaps we won't have to wait too long for Bryan to be in the ME picture, it could be as early as next year with him winning the Rumble.

    Right now, Reigns is that ME guy, it's not like it's the end of the world. Would I prefer Bryan in that ME spot? Yeah, but right now it is Reigns and I've got no problem with it. The guy's grown on me a lot.

    Speaking of prestige/relevance of the midcard titles... Cena is the cure for the US title's irrelevance curse, as much as DB is the cure for the IC title's irrelevance curse. All WWE's gotta do is not ruin that with crappy storylines and booking.
  20. Again with the crying over Bryan not being main event?

    I don't see what the problem is with using him to push the IC title. He's going to be working with some awesome talents for the IC match. And it's not like he'd be stuck with it forever.
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