Triple H Ready To Push FCW Talents

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Ambrose!!!!
  2. It has also been reported by the site that Triple H is not going to debut the talent without weeks of build for them, and also a story-line mapped out for them first.

    This is the biggest win of the entire article if true.
  3. Ambrose and Rollins hell yeah bout time too!

    Stop pushin the pensioners and push the talent they have! Fergie style!
  4. Imagine Ambrose getting a story-line based on his psychotic gimmick. God I'd mark.
  5. He'd be over in seconds with that gimmick!
  6. Pushing new talent?? What a novel idea, let's hope he has some plans for guys on the roster already who have been floating around aimlessly as well
  7. LMAO I love ur negativity keeps the forum balanced!
  8. Have to say Dolph's posts do make me laugh a lot. Think most of his likes are from me.
  9. I love the guy he's so negative he makes me and u look like Gandhi!
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